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The Faculties at the University of Helsinki consider every exchange/visiting student application individually and make the admission decision on the basis of the fully completed application form and enclosures. If you meet the requirements set by the University of Helsinki, your host faculty at UH will send you a confirmation of acceptance by e-mail. Please note that "Formally checked" on Mobility Online does not yet mean that your application has been accepted by the faculty.

Acceptance information is available about 6 weeks after the application deadline. 

Please note that during the time when applications are processed, it is not possible to answer individual questions concerning the status of your application. You can follow up the proceedings via your Mobility Online account. In case there are documents missing or they need amending, we will contact you by email. 

NB! In addition to the host Faculty's acceptance e-mail, you will also receive an official, scanned acceptance certificate from the International Exchange Services attached to the acceptance letter. If you have applied through university bilateral, faculty and unit bilateral or North2North programme (not Erasmus SMS, Nordplus/Nordlys, visiting), this certificate is also sent to your home university's exchange coordinator. You will need this document for your residence permit application, if you need to apply for one. Please note that we don't provide any additional acceptance documents. These documents have been deemed sufficient by the Finnish Immigration Services as well as grant foundations we are aware of.