Accident insurance for students

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University students, upper secondary school students and pupils in comprehensive school classes 7–9 are covered by a statutory accident insurance taken out in LähiTapiola by the University. The insurance number is 351-0928825-J. Students’ insurance cover is based on the act on compensation for injury or illness sustained in study-related circumstances comparable to work (Laki opiskeluun liittyvissä työhön rinnastettavissa olosuhteissa syntyneen vamman tai sairauden korvaamisesta, 460/2015).

International students who will not complete their degree at the University of Helsinki are not covered by the insurance taken out by the University. Consequently, they are responsible for their own insurance cover. 

What is considered a student or pupil accident?

Statutory compensation applies to accidents that have occurred to students in circumstances typical of the studies defined in the curriculum or degree requirements during practical instruction comparable to work, practical training, on-the-job training, a competence-based examination, or work experience included in basic education in an educational institution or another location assigned by the provider of education or training or the educational institution.

In addition, compensation can be claimed for accidents that occurred when the student was heading directly from or to the educational institution or home to a traineeship, on-the-job training, work experience placement or a competence test location outside the educational institution which was assigned by the provider of education or training or the educational institution, or vice versa.

What to do in case of an occupational accident

  1. Immediately contact your HR coordinator at on-site services. The HR coordinator will act as your accident contact person and complete an electronic insurance certificate in LähiTapiola’s online services.
  2. The HR coordinator will send the insurance certificate to your mobile phone or provide a written copy when you seek treatment. In urgent cases, the insurance certificate can also be sent to the medical centre later.
  3. You may seek treatment at any medical centre. The insurance company’s current primary cooperation partner is Mehiläinen and individuals requiring possible further treatment will be referred to Mehiläinen provided that Mehiläinen has a medical centre in the locality. LähiTapiola will also continue to cooperate with Dextra.
  4. The insurance company will ask for further reports on the accident from you directly.
  5. Send the doctor’s certificate to LähiTapiola
  6. You will receive a decision on the compensation from the insurance company once the claim has been processed.
  7. The treatment facility and the doctor will charge the insurance company directly but you will have to pay the pharmacy fees yourself. Claim compensation for costs you have paid by sending scanned receipts to either (unsecured connection) or secured address Add your bank account number and the claim number from the decision. Further information on compensable expenses (in Finnish only).

Further information is available from The head of services at Payroll Services, Anne Mäkinen.