Activating your user account

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Once you have accepted the offered study place, your information will be saved to the University of Helsinki student register Sisu within a few weeks. You will be notified by email once your information has been saved. After this, you can activate your user account for the University of Helsinki IT systems. If you don’t receive an email, wait until you receive a certificate of student status by post before activating your user account.

The user account enables you to log in to your University of Helsinki email box and many other services. It’s important to activate your user account and start using the university email right from the start of your studies, so you won’t miss out on anything important. Notifications for students are always sent to the University of Helsinki email address.

If you have a Finnish bank account with electronic credentials, you can activate your user account by using your banking credentials even from abroad. If you don’t have a Finnish bank account, you need to wait until your arrival to Helsinki to activate your user account. In that case, download an application for user account after which you will receive a notification to visit at Helpdesk ID-point personally, when here.

For more detailed instructions on activating your user account, please see the University of Helsinki Helpdesk website. From the website, you will also find more information on the Helpdesk ID-point service desks. When activating your user account, you will agree to adhere to the rules and regulations related to the University IT systems. Should you need further help, you can contact the University Helpdesk.

Please note that these instructions only apply to those students who have not previously studies at the University of Helsinki. If you have previously had a UH user account, your user ID will remain as it was. To activate a previously used account, you need to have either Finnish banking credentials, an electronic ID-card issued by the Finnish Police and a card reader or a mobile certificate. See further information on Helpdesk's website Restoring an expired access right.