Career counselling at the University of Helsinki

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Career counselling is a cooperative process of career planning based on confidential interaction between the counsellor and the client. Career counselling develops clients’ self-knowledge and supports them in charting and verbalising their career aspirations and opportunities as well as in planning and choosing their career options and future employment. Career counselling includes not only discussion, but also various methods and techniques that promote clients’ career management skills.   

The fundamental aim is to support clients in building a career that they find meaningful and relevant.   

The key ethical principles of career counselling include confidentiality, respect and independence. Career counselling is always about the client and is based on client goals, respect and confidential interaction.

The basic premise of career counselling is to support clients’ autonomous actions and to strengthen their agency and involvement, or, “respectful care”.

  • The career counsellor will NOT solve your life problems, but will help you generate ideas and make your own plans and decisions.
  • The career counsellor will NOT make or comment on your decisions, but will help you weigh your options.


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