Conclude the necessary traineeship agreements

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Once you have found a suitable traineeship, remember to conclude the necessary written agreements on it. Here you will find information on traineeship agreements.

Agreement on a University-funded traineeship

If your traineeship is subsidised by the university, the employer and the university must conclude a traineeship agreement to agree on the inclusion of the traineeship in your degree and the invoicing of the traineeship subsidy. 

When you have found a traineeship position for which the employer requires subsidy from the university, read the application instructions for traineeship funding and complete the relevant electronic form. After having submitted the form, you will receive a decision and a pre-completed traineeship agreement in your email in about a week. Forward the form to the employer and ask them to deliver the signed form to Career Services. The university will sign two copies of  the traineeship agreement and return one signed copy to the employer.

In addition to the traineeship agreement concluded between the university and the employer, an employment contract must be concluded between the trainee and the employer. The employment contract is a freely written agreement on the duties, salary, conditions of employment, working hours and other terms concerning the traineeship. 

Agreement on a traineeship with no University funding

If your employer covers the costs of your traineeship in full, the university and the employer need not conclude a traineeship agreement. In such cases it is enough that the trainee and the employer conclude a regular employment contract for a fixed period to agree on the duties, salary, conditions of employment, working hours and other terms concerning the traineeship. 

Remember to have the traineeship position approved by the traineeship coordinator of your degree programme to ensure that the traineeship is suitable for your degree programme.

Sometimes employers want to conclude a traineeship agreement with the university even if the traineeship is not subsidised by the university. At the employer’s request, the agreement can be concluded in such cases also. 

If your traineeship is not funded by the university, and it is starting in 2021, complete this e-from. If your traineeship is starting in 2022, complete this e-form. After submitting the form, you will receive a pre-completed traineeship agreement form in your email within one week. Ask the traineeship coordinator of your degree programme to sign the agreement, and then forward the agreement to the employer for their signature. The employer should then send a copy signed by both parties to the University of Helsinki Career Services. NB! The traineeship agreement is only meant for traineeships that give you credits (the traineeship is a part of your degree). Agreements are not made for traineeships that have already ended.

The university recommends that students do not accept traineeship offers without pay. If, however, you decide to complete an unpaid traineeship belonging to your studies, it is recommended that the university and the employer conclude a traineeship agreement. The agreement can be obtained from Career Services by submitting information on the organisation offering the traineeship using this form.

A traineeship at the University of Helsinki

Students may complete the traineeship included in their studies by working at the University of Helsinki. Traineeships completed at the University of Helsinki are not eligible for the university’s traineeship subsidy. 

You do not need to conclude a separate traineeship agreement for a traineeship completed at the university; a fixed-term employment contract between the employer and the trainee is all that is needed. Verify with the traineeship coordinator of your degree programme that in terms of its content, your traineeship can be approved as part of your degree.