Coronavirus: information for incoming exchange students

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The University of Helsinki’s International Exchange Services has created this page for international non-degree (exchange and visiting) students and applicants and for partner universities regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and its influence on student exchanges. We have done our best to collect links to pages and bulletins including important information that may affect incoming non-degree students. 

Coronavirus and student exchange to Finland, academic year 2022 - 2023

Updated on Aug 10th. Latest update concern COVID-19 vaccination services in Helsinki.

This webpage will be updated regularly, please continue to check for updates.

  • We welcome exchange students to the University of Helsinki for the academic year 2022 - 2023.
  • Studies. Teaching, supervision, guidance, and examinations are carried out as planned during semesters. University premises can be used for events without restrictions.
  • Face masks can be worn as appropriate for individual reasons.
  • Online exchange is not available. University of Helsinki requires all incoming exchange students to be in Helsinki physically.
  • Travel restrictions. At the moment, Finland does not have any restrictions for arrival. Please note that your exchange and journey to Finland are also affected by decisions made at your home university, and national decisions and regulations in your home country and/or countries through which you travel. Remember to check also the guidelines of airlines, ferry companies and so forth on requirements they have. The guidelines of Finnish airport operator Finavia
  • Insurance. Before making any arrangements regarding your exchange, please make sure that your insurance cover is comprehensive, includes crisis cover and follows the requirements of the Finnish Immigration Service Also, be careful with expenses and try to minimize risks as much as possible by booking refundable flight tickets etc.
  • Take possible expenses into account. The exceptional circumstances may cause you extra expenses. These expenses may include, for example, testing for COVID-19. Try to minimize risks as much as possible by booking refundable flight tickets etc.  
  • Conditions from different countries to enter Finland. Always check the updated instructions of the Finnish institute of health and welfare and Finnish Border Guard before arrival: 

         Official instructions and recommendations regarding traveling to Finland.

         Guidelines for border traffic by Finnish Border Guard

  • Covid test when leaving Finland?

    • The country you are traveling to may require proof of a negative test result, or your airline may require it. It is not required by Finland when leaving the country, or by University of Helsinki.
    • If you need the test result, the public healthcare test will not help. You need a PDF of the result which is offered by private healthcare providers.
    • University of Helsinki or the City of Helsinki are unfortunately not able to arrange a cheaper or free test. Please check whether your insurance would cover it and/or ask your home university for possible financial support with the test.
    • If you are traveling with an airline that does not require a test result, but the country you are traveling to requires one, you can check from their authorities whether you are able to take the test at the destination airport.
      • This might only be possible for citizens of the country, i.e. if you are flying directly to your home country. Make sure you are allowed to board the flight!

COVID-19 vaccinations in Helsinki

If you need to take a COVID-19 vaccination during your stay in Finland, you can visit any of the vaccination points without an appointment. It's easiest if you already have a Finnish personal identity code, but it's not necessary. 

Finnish government's information on coronavirus

Finnish immigration services

Coronavirus affects among others the handling of residence permits. Follow migri's updates on coronavirus to stay up-to-date. 

What to do if you have symptoms?

Check what to do if you suspect a coronavirus infection on the City of Helsinki's coronavirus page.

NOTE: If you don't yet have the Finnish personal identity code, contact either the Laakso or Malmi health station to get tested if you have any of the coronavirus symptoms. Everyone else should see the City of Helsinki's instructions for booking a test.