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There are many kind of expenses related to publishing and defending your doctoral thesis. Some of the costs are covered by the university, but some are your own responsibility. For some expenses, the university offers financial support. The aim of this article is to give you a quick, complete picture of the different kinds of expenses related to defending your thesis and of the division of responsibilities.

Doctoral thesis


A printed edition of min. 20 copies is always required in addition to the open digital publication of your doctoral thesis. The University offers financial support for printing when the thesis is printed using Unigrafia. The printing grant covers a black-and-white edition of 20 copies (colour coverpage included).

Costs exceeding the grant are your responsibility. If you print your thesis at some other printing house, you must cover all the costs of printing. If you have applied for a special exemption from the open digital publication, you are responsible for covering all the costs of printing, even if you print the thesis in Unigrafia.

Please note that the printing grant does not cover possible costs related to the layout (formatting) of the thesis. If you want to avoid layout costs, you can also format the thesis for printing yourself.

For more information on the layout, printing and publishing your thesis, please see here.

Language revision

You are responsible for any language revision costs. The faculties at the City Centre Campus offer financial support for the language revision of doctoral theses.

For more information on language revision and available support, please see here.

Public examination

Opponent’s travel costs

Your home faculty is responsible for the opponent’s travel and accommodation expenses.

For more information on opponents’ travel arrangements, please see here.

Public examination venue

Your home faculty is responsible for the booking costs of the venue of your public examination. When making the booking, don’t forget to include the name of your home faculty and your Custos.

For more information on booking the venue, please see here.

Coffee service

If you want to arrange a coffee service after the public examination, you must cover the costs of the service yourself. Arranging a coffee service is completely voluntary.

For more information on arranging a coffee service, please see here.


Agree on a dress code that best fits your budget. While a tailcoat and a black waistcoat are customary for men, a dark suit is also a perfectly fine option, so no need to rent a tailcoat if you do not own one. Women typically war a long-sleeve, high-necked short black dress or a two-piece suit. Set the dress code for the public examination with the members of the grading committee in good time before the event. Foreign opponents can borrow a gown from the university, should they so wish.

For more information on the proceedings and the protocol of the public examination, please see here.

Post-doctoral party

Covering the costs of a post-doctoral party (karonkka) is your responsibility. Plan an event that best suits your liking and your budget. Instead of a large-scale party, you can e.g. take the opponent and custos to dinner after the public examination. Or, if you prefer, do not hold a party at all.

For more information on arranging a post-doctoral party, please see here.