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Notice that only courses offered in periods I & II are available during autumn semester and courses offered in periods III & IV during spring semester. Course descriptions for courses can be found on the Course pages using the course code or name when searching (unless the course is taught for the first time). Remember to choose the right Faculty/degree programme and English as the language for the course when searching. 

Preliminary syllabus by study programme 2020 - 2021

    Bachelor's Programme in Science, lectured entirely in English

    Bachelor's programmes, lectured partly in English (check the teaching language of each course)

    Master's programmes lectured entirely in English:

    Study programmes taught entirely in Finnish and Swedish 

    Please note that changes and additions to the teaching information are possible until the teaching starts. Registration for the courses in I period will start after Welcome Fair event in the end of August and for courses in II period on 1st October at 9.00.

    General information about courses for exchange students.