Digital Learning Environments

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By selecting a degree programme you are able to see the general content as well as the possible degree programme-specific content. You do not have to select a degree programme to see the Open University's instructions.

Learning takes place not just in a variety of physical spaces, but also in digital learning environments.  The University of Helsinki utilises a selection of different digital services to make your studies easier. You will learn to use the University’s digital learning environments on the Student’s Digital Skills course. We recommend that you complete the course at the very beginning of your studies.

Students’ Digital Skills

We recommend that you complete the compulsory (for degree students) Students’ Digital Skills course at the very beginning of your studies. The course will introduce you to the digital learning environments of the University of Helsinki. The page Students’ Digital Skills features the material for the course. The course also has its own online service with the course materials, information about the course and instructions for completing it. 

See a video about Students' digital skills.

Studies service

The Studies service brings together the key services and tools you will need during your studies. The service includes a frontpage with the latest and most important notifications, the Instructions for Students website, the My Studies website and the Courses website.


On the frontpage, you can read the latest information on studies as well as news published on the Flamma intranet for the University community. By logging in, you can also read the notifications published by your degree programme. In addition to notifications, the frontpage features UniCafe menus and the University’s calendar of events for students.

Instructions for Students

The Instructions for Students website contains thematic information and instructions you will need during your studies. You can find, for example, instructions for completing your studies and information on student advice and wellbeing services. By logging in, you can also read the instructions issued by your degree programme to supplement the University-level instructions. You can also read degree programme specific instructions by choosing the programme from the page menu.

My Studies

The My Studies website features your timetable and enables you to access your course pages and the learning material stored by teachers. You can also create and edit your personal To Do items list. My Studies requires login.


In Courses you can find the courses organized by your own degree programme during the academic year. You can also search for courses from other degree programmes. From the search results, you can access the individual course page to view, for example the course content, schedule and materials.

From the Studies service you can also access Sisu and other systems of the University.


In Sisu you will plan your studies, register for courses, and when the time comes, submit your request for graduation.

  • You can create a study plan under the Structure of studies tab. Your plan indicates the compulsory and optional studies of the degree and allows you to choose your optional courses. You can also browse the course catalogue within your degree structure, find different ways of completing courses, and add courses and examinations to your study calendar.
  • The Timeline tab lets you put all the studies included in your degree on a timeline.
  • The Calendar tab features the teaching schedule for your selected courses, and there you can register for teaching.
  • Under the Search tab, you can search for courses and add courses to your course cart.

For more information and instructions on how to create a study plan, please see the instruction Personal Study Plan (PSP).

Sisu has been introduced in stages since the autumn 2017. On 31 May 2021, Sisu completely replaced the previous study information system, WebOodi. More information about Sisu can be found on the page Sisu instructions for students.

Flamma – the University’s intranet

Flamma is the University’s internal online service, or intranet, which features information about the University as an organisation, news and notifications intended for the whole University community and about University events. At the moment, it is primarily a communication channel for University staff, but some links in the Instructions for students website may also take you to Flamma.

Moodle learning platform

Moodle is an online learning environment used at the University of Helsinki. It can be used to organise online courses or examinations and to distribute information and material relating to courses. User support is available from the Helpdesk.

Moodle guide for students of the University of Helsinki (in Finnish).

Moodle examinations

The Moodle platform can be used both as a course environment and as an assessment tool. The final examinations of many courses are arranged through the Moodle examination feature. 


E-mail is a part of the University’s user account. Each user gets a personal address and inbox. Spam and malware filtering is also part of the service.

You can log to email via Office 365. Use your username in the form '' (e.g.

You can change the password of your username at the address

UniHow feedback system

UniHow is a digital reflection tool and feedback system used in the University of Helsinki. In the UniHow system, students can answer HowULearn questionnaire, with statements based on the theory of university learning and research in university pedagogy. After the questionnaire closes, students will receive individual feedback on their learning and studying, based on the responses given by all survey respondents. The feedback also includes tips for supporting learning. Read more about the UniHow system and HowULearn questionnaire.

The Centre for University Teaching and Learning HYPE is responsible for the research-based development of the content of UniHow. 


Helpdesk – IT support

The Helpdesk provides assistance in all technical problems related to the University’s IT services.  Instructions for the most common applications and IT services at the University have been compiled on the Students' IT services page and on the Helpdesk website.

Other learning environments

Examinarium – electronic examinations

Through the Examinarium system, students can choose a suitable time to complete online examinations which the teacher has stored in the examination system. The service includes examination rooms, video monitoring and the examination system. 

In the Examinarium system, you can choose the examination time yourself. Examinarium examinations are conducted in special video-monitored examination rooms which students can reserve in an online booking system. Each examination room is equipped with a computer for completing the examination. At the moment, three campuses have such rooms: the City Centre, Viikki and Kumpula. Further information on examinations completed at the Examinarium facility is available in the instructions on Completion of courses and assessment.

Virtual desktop

The University of Helsinki utilises a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). The virtual desktop frees you to work anywhere and anytime you want. For instructions on using the virtual desktop, please see the Helpdesk website.


MOOCs are online courses which are available for all, with no restrictions on the number of participants. The acronym stands for Massive Open Online Course. Read more: MOOCs