Doctoral studies at other Finnish universities (JOO)

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Sometimes the topic of a doctoral dissertation or Licentiate thesis requires complementary studies at another university.

Finnish universities have concluded an agreement on student mobility and flexible study rights, known as the JOO agreement (JOO stands for 'joustava opinto-oikeus', or flexible study right). Students at Finnish universities may apply for a fixed-term right to pursue studies at another university and have these studies incorporated into their degree from their home university.

The right to complete studies within the JOO scheme must be applied for from the university at which the student wishes to study. The application must contain a statement by the home university, indicating that it will underwrite the costs of the studies at the other university.

Flexible studies (JOO) are free of charge for students. Students need to be enrolled and registered as attending at their home universities in order to be able to be eligible to apply for flexible study rights and to complete studies at another university. A JOO-study right can only be granted for studies that you cannot complete at the University of Helsinki.

Further instructions and the application form for studies within the flexible study rights scheme can be found at the national JOOPAS-website.

Should you have any questions on JOO-studies, you can contact the University's Exchange Services.