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E-thesis is a digital system for the submission, assessment and archiving of theses and dissertations. It also feeds theses into the University of Helsinki’s open publication repository (Helda).

In all other faculties, theses are also reviewed and evaluated in the E-thesis system except the Faculty of Science. In the Faculties of Educational Sciences, Medicine and Theology and Svenska social- och kommunalhögskolan, bachelor's theses are also evaluated in E-Thesis. Check the policies of your faculty regarding submission of a thesis, such as deadline dates. All theses submitted by deadline (no later than 11:59 p.m.) will be considered.

In the faculties where E-thesis system is used to evaluate theses the staff at the Student Services receive theses submitted to E-thesis, and forward them to the relevant examiners for assessment. Students are notified once their thesis has been assessed. The faculty council or a grading committee or the steering group of the relevant degree programme decides on the approval of master’s theses that have been assessed. Theses saved in the system are automatically sent for analysis to the Ouriginal system to identify possible plagiarism. The student will receive a message about this. The link to the Ouriginal report will be on the thesis evaluation form and only the examiners of the thesis will be able to view the report. In connection with the evaluation of the thesis, the report produced by Ouriginal is audited.

Please find out more about your faculty’s practices (e.g., dates) for the submission of theses and dissertations.

Approved theses and dissertations are saved in the E-thesis system and can be read on the Helsinki University Library’s thesis terminals. Abstracts are always public and available online in open repository.

After a thesis or dissertation has been approved, the student can permit its publication in the University of Helsinki’s open publication repository. More information about submission (e.g. abstract form), evaluation and publishing can be found from E-thesis.


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Publication of Thesis

The University of Helsinki recommends that theses and dissertations be openly published.

If you accept the online publication agreement, your thesis or dissertation will be published in Helda, the University of Helsinki’s digital repository, after which it will be openly available to the public. Resources in the digital repository receive a high ranking in the results of search engines.

However, saving a thesis or dissertation in E-thesis does not mean that you grant permission for its publication. Publication permission is always separately requested, and you will receive a message to this effect from the E-thesis system after your thesis or dissertation has been approved. If you do not permit the publication of your thesis or dissertation, it can only be read on the Helsinki University Library’s thesis terminals.

The abstracts of master’s theses approved at a faculty council meeting or a grading committee or the steering group of the relevant degree programme are always public, and will be published in the publication repository.

If your thesis contains an article published in a journal, or an article based on your thesis is in the works, the thesis may not be published openly as such. You can often get information from the publisher of the article about their Open Access publishing policies. If you need more information about publishing, you can contact the service e-thesis@helsinki.fi.