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The University of Helsinki offers a wide range of support for students interested in entrepreneurship through various support networks and communities. HELSEED is an entrepreneurship programme for students, where the main task is to create a business plan for their own business idea. Helsinki Think Company is a multidisciplinary community that supports students in the early stages of entrepreneurship, its development and impact. The Think Company is a platform for learning about the application and impact of academia as part of entrepreneurship. In addition, Helsinki Incubators, the University's entrepreneurship services, offers entrepreneurship programmes open to all university students to help them design their own career path.


HELSEED is a student entrepreneurship programme open to students with a new business idea as well as more advanced startup teams. The premise of the programme is to draw up a business plan on the basis of an idea or for an existing startup.

Over the course of the programme, Helsinki Think Company will hold a range of workshops related to business ideas and entrepreneurship, which will also help in drawing up a business plan. The University of Helsinki Funds will make 10 000 - 50 000 euro initial investments in the most interesting startups.

Read more about HELSEED on the programme’s website.

Helsinki Think Company

Helsinki Think Company provides tools for students and researchers to become an entrepreneur, grow as an expert, and make an impact on society. It's a community that focuses on taking academics into action and raises awareness of impactful entrepreneurship.

This is done with low-threshold mentoring, workshops, boot camps, and idea accelerators. Also, Helsinki Think Company provides free coworking spaces on all four campuses of the University of Helsinki. Think Company serves entrepreneurs, students, graduates, researchers, freelancers, startups, and artists from all fields and backgrounds.

Read more about us on the Think Company website.

Helsinki Incubators

The University's Entrepreneurship Services, or Helsinki Incubators, offers all university students the opportunity to create their own professional career path with the help of entrepreneurship programmes. The programmes provide a safe and supportive environment to experiment, learn, fail and try. Thanks to expert-led workshops, participants can identify their strengths, develop their work-life skills, and grow ideas based on their passions and areas of expertise into something exciting and tangible.

Helsinki Incubators' programmes include both shorter intense pre-incubator programmes for early-stage applicants with as little as a nascent idea, and longer tailor-made incubator programmes where more advanced participants with more developed business ideas and a business plan built around those ideas are given in-depth support from industry mentors to develop their solution into real businesses.

For more information, you can visit the Helsinki Incubators website or email any questions you may have to incubators@helsinki.fi