Faculty of Arts - instructions for students who began their studies before August 1, 2017

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By selecting a degree programme you are able to see the general content as well as the possible degree programme-specific content. You do not have to select a degree programme to see the Open University's instructions.

You do not need to select a degree programme from the drop-down menu above, it only concerns students in the new degree programmes.

Below you will find detailed instructions issued by the Faculty of Arts concerning the expiry of studies, the drawing up of a study plan and the recommencement of studies.

Before reading the Faculty instructions, please read the instructions for all University of Helsinki students: Completing your degree according to old degree requirements.


The transition period ended Dec 18, 2020

The transition period from the old degree requirements has with the exception of a few major subjects, all students are now studying in the new degree programmes. Graduating according to the old degree requirements was possible until Dec. 18, 2020.

If you did not transfer to a new degree programme before the end of the transition period, you were transferred in the automatic transfer based on your study right at the time. You can read more about the automatic transfer in the instruction Automatic transfer in the Faculty of Arts.

The transition period for students of Assyriology, Egyptology and Cognitive Science continues until July 31, 2023 (according to the academic year 2016-17 curriculum). Read more from Instructions for students continuing in the old degree requirements (the page is being updated).

Equivalence between curriculums

The equivalence tables of the 2017-2020 curriculum can be found in WebOodi, on the front page of each degree program’s study guide (Instruction and courses -> Course catalogues –> Faculty of Arts –> Your degree programme -> Your study track). The equivalence tables will later be updated also to this page.

The equivalence tables of the 2020-2023 curriculum (valid from Aug 8, 2020) can be found in the instruction Curriculum and Equivalence between curriculums. Select a degree programme from the drop-down menu at the top of the page to see the equivalence information of the programme’s study tracks.

You can also ask each study tracks HOPS (personal study plan) advisers or the responsible teachers of study modules about equivalencies. The names of responsible teachers of each study module can be found in Sisu.

Study rights in the new degree programs

Check from WebOodi that your study right has been entered correctly. There you can also see your new degree programme and possible study track.

Check your study right with these instructions:

1. Go to https://weboodi.helsinki.fi/hy/etusivu.html and log in.

2. Move the cursor to your name and the top of the page and select Personal data from the drop-down menu.

3. You should now be able to see you study rights.

4. Check that under Degree Programme is the correct programme and under Line the correct study track (if your degree programme has study tracks). Further information about the automatic transfer can be found in the instruction Automatic transfer in the Faculty of Arts.

5. If you notice a mistake or need some other assistance, please contact the Metsätalo Student Services (metsalo-student@helsinki.fi).

Study rights for minor studies

If you have been granted a study right for a restricted minor subject, the study right will automatically change in accordance with the new degree programmes later in the spring term 2021. In the new degree programmes, minor subject studies are called optional studies. Read more from the instruction Optional Studies in Humanities.

Duration of the degree

The transition period ending does not affect the duration of the degree. You can check the duration of your right to study from Sisu (click on your name at the top of the page and select My profile -> Study rights.

If you need more time to complete you degree, see the instruction If your right to study expires. If your study right to study has expired, you can apply for readmission. Read more from the instruction Readmission of your right to pursue a degree.

How to change your study track

You can change your study track in the new degree requirements only within your degree programme and only if requirements set by the degree programme are met. You can find further information in the instruction Changing study tracks while pursuing a degree.

You can change your degree programme only by reapplying through admissions or through the transfer application procedure. Read more from the Studyinfo service.

Note that if you have received the wrong degree programme or study track in the automatic transfer, the mistake will be corrected and you do not need to change your study track.

Expiry of studies

Uudet vanhenemissäännöt (voimassa 1.8.2017 alkaen) koskevat kaikkia opiskelijoita, myös ennen 2005 aloittaneita:

  • Kokonaisuudet ja niiden ulkopuoliset yksittäiset opintosuoritukset (myös kieli- ja viestintäopinnot) ovat käytettävissä sen lukukauden loppuun saakka, jolloin suorituksesta on kulunut 10 vuotta.
  • Kokonaisuuden suorituspäivämäärä on viimeisen kokonaisuuteen kuuluvan opintojakson suorituspäivä.
  • Vanhoista tutkintovaatimuksista uusiin koulutusohjelmiin siirtyneillä aineopintojen kokonaisuus päivittää perusopintojen kokonaisuuden jatkossakin (humanistisen tiedekunnan poikkeus).
  • Mahdollisuutta päivittää opintoja ei ole.
  • Et voi käyttää tutkintoosi yli 10 vuotta vanhoja opintoja.

Lue lisää ohjeesta Opintojen vanhentuminen.

Drafting a study plan

The final trasfer to Sisu takes places on May 31, 2021, after which time signing up for courses, registering course results and graduating all happens in Sisu. Drafting a study plan is the key to everything in Sisu. If you need help, you can ask advice from your HOPS adviser or Metsätalo Student Services. Student services of Kaisa House also provide help with technical issues concerning Sisu, as well as general guidance on e.g., selecting a correct application type. 

Watch a video tutorial on Unitube (so far only in Finnish):

Note that if you have completed studies according to the old degree requirements, you may not see all of your studies in Sisu until after May 2021, when the free edit mode in Sisu can be used.

If you are at the final stretch of your studies

If you did not hand in your BA or MA degree diploma application form before April 29, 2021, you will graduate in Sisu. For this you need to make a study plan in Sisu.

Compulsory studies in the Faculty of Arts

Alle on listattu tiedekunnan yhteisten opintojen korvaavuudet. Vasemmalla on vanhojen tutkintovaatimusten mukainen suoritus ja oikealla uusien tutkintovaatimusten mukainen suoritus:

  • äidinkieli (5 op) korvaa äidinkielen (3 op)
  • toinen kotimainen kieli (5 op) korvaa toisen kotimaisen kielen (3 op)
  • vieras kieli (5 op) korvaa vieraan kielen (4 op)
  • orientoivat opinnot ja hops (2 op) korvaa orientoivat opinnot (2 op)
  • tvt-opinnot (3 op) korvaa Opiskelijan digitaidot (3 op)

Voit käyttää suorittamasi opintopisteet tutkintoosi täysimääräisinä. Tutkintoon vaadittavien valinnaisten opintojen määrä on tällöin pienempi.

Toisen vieraan kielen (3 op) suorituksen voit käyttää tutkintosi valinnaisiin opintoihin. Jos koulutusohjelmassasi vaaditaan toinen vieras kieli, korvaa suoritus sen.

Jos olet kandivaiheen opiskelija ja olet suorittanut jonkin tietyn kieliaineen kokonaisuuden (perus- tai aineopinnot), voit saada vieraan kielen tai toisen kotimaisen korvaavuuden. Lue lisää ohjeesta Kandidaatintutkintoon kuuluvat kieli- ja viestintäopinnot.

Pääaineen tvt -opinnot (2 op) koulutusohjelmasi tieteenalaopintoihin tai tutkintosi valinnaisiin opintoihin.

Where to get help?

If you need help with studying during the transfer period, graduating according to the old degree requirements or transferring to the new degree programmes, please contact Metsätalo Student Services. The study advisers there offer faculty-specific guidance for students of the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Theology. You can call, email, book an phone call appointment with a study adviser ahead of time. The contact information and opening hours can be found on the page Student Services. If you need more general study guidance, or for example a transcript of your studies, you can also call one of the other student information points across the university campuses.

With questions related to the content of your studies, you can turn to the HOPS advisers of your major or minor subjects. Read more from the instruction Personal Study Plan (PSP).

You can find answers to most of your questions also here, in Instructions to Students. Remember that in many of the instructions, you need to select your degree programme in order to see the content directed at you.

From the My Studies page (log in with your university username and password) you can search for courses, see your electronic calendar and read current university news and bulletins. You can also access other university services through the My Studies page (Sisu, email, Moodle etc.).