Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences - instructions for students who began their studies before August 1, 2017

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By selecting a degree programme you are able to see the general content as well as the possible degree programme-specific content. You do not have to select a degree programme to see the Open University's instructions.

Below you will find the instructions of the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences for students who have been transferred to the new degree programmes.

See also instructions for those who have transferred to new degree programmes for all students.

Automatic transfer to new degree programmes

The University of Helsinki introduced new degree programmes on 1 August 2017. All students were automatically transferred to these programmes by the end of the transition period on 18 December 2020.

You were transferred to a new degree programme if

a) You did not graduate by 18 December 2020, or

b) You did not submit a degree certificate request by 18 December 2020, or

c) You did not transfer to a new degree programme by submitting the form designed for this purpose by 18 December 2020.

You can check in the faculty's transfer table for information on the new degree programme and, if relevant, the study track to which you were automatically transferred.

Please note that the automatic transfer does not affect the duration or validity of your right to complete a degree. If you do not intend to complete your degree, you can also waive your right to pursue it. Further information.

If you have any questions, please contact Viikki Student Services.

Study plan

Instructions for updating your study plan see the theme Plan your studies.

Degree structures and equivalence tables

Equivalence tables

As of 1 August 2017, teaching has been provided in accordance with the requirements of the new degree programmes. Courses based on the old structures can no longer be completed.

The below equivalence tables show the mutual equivalences between the old and new courses. You can utilise the tables when transferring to a new degree programme.

Equivalence table, bachelor’s programmes (PDF, only in Finnish)
Equivalence table, master’s programmes (PDF, only in Finnish)

Degree structures

Please note that the course catalogues below are no longer valid. You can see the new degree structures and course catalogues on the pages Structure and scope of the degree programme and Course selection.

Old course catalogues in WebOodi

Master's programme in Neuroscience (MNEURO)

Master's programme in Biotechnology (MBIOT)

You can change the catalogue on the drop-down menu on the top of the page -> press "Search".

Old PDF catalogues (only in Finnish)

Course catalogue 2011–2014
Course catalogue 2014–2015
Course catalogue as of 2015

Bulletins and info sessions on the transfer period


The transition period associated with the reform of first- and second-cycle degrees is extended to 18 December 2020.

Up to date information on the effects of the coronavirus situation on your studies is on page  Coronavirus situ­ation at the University of Helsinki.

2.5.2019: Graduating according to the old degree requirements before 31.7.2020

18.9.2019: Graduating according to the old degree requirements before 31.7.2020

Info sessions

Transfer period and graduating according to the old degree requirements:

Wednesday, March 4th from 14 to 16 in Infocenter Korona (Viikinkaari 11) room 511: Presentation (pdf)

Instructions and provisions for studying at the Faculty

These instructions are available only in Finnish. Please contact viikki-student@helsinki.fi if you need to check the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences' instructions and provisions for studying.

For Regulations on Degrees and the Protection of Students’ Rights at the University of Helsinki and the university’s policies concerning degrees and studies see Legal protection of students.

Forfeiture of the right to study

If you do not intend to complete your degree, you can forfeit your right to do so. For the form and instructions for forfeiting your right to complete a degree, see Forfeiture of the right to pursue a degree.