Forfeiture of study right

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Forfeiture of your study right will terminate your current right to pursue your active degree as well as any optional rights to pursue a second-cycle degree, effective from the notification date. The forfeiture will also terminate all the separately obtained study rights that are related to your main study right (e.g., pedagogical studies). You will not be able to apply for an extension of the right to pursue your degree nor apply for reinstatement of your study right.

The notification of forfeiture is binding and final. Note that you cannot have your study right restored at a later time by applying for the restoration of study right. If you decide to continue your studies at a later time, you will need to apply for a place through the normal student admission process.

In what circumstances do I need to forfeit my study right

Forfeiture of the study right is only required in very rare circumstances these days. For example, eligibility for unemployment benefits does not require that you forfeit your study right. Instead, you simply have to show that your studies have been suspended, as evidenced by you not having earned any credits during the past year. Similarly, failing to do your annual registration or exceeding the normative duration of your studies do not require that you forfeit your study right.

In practice, the need to forfeit your study right may only arise if, in the context of eligibility for unemployment benefits, you are unable to demonstrate that your studies have been suspended and you can’t wait until the conditions are met, or if you are applying to study somewhere else and the education provider requires that you forfeit your existing study right. For example, if a student wishes to reapply for a right to complete a degree through the student admission procedure, which they already have been granted, they must first forfeit the prior right. This applies also if the student is disenrolled or the time allocated for completing the studies has ended. 

Before submitting your forfeiture notification, if you are unsure of whether your circumstances require that you forfeit your study right, please contact the Student Services of your own faculty.

How do I forfeit my study right ?

You can forfeit your study right by returning the form below, signed by hand, to Kaisa House Student Information in person, by post or scanned by email. When handing in the form you need to prove your identity (passport or ID card, Finnish drivers license is accepted, student card is not accepted). If you send the form by post or email you need to prove your identity by attaching a photocopy or photo of your ID.

Hand in by person:
Kaisa House main entrance, 3rd floor, Fabianinkatu 30
Check opening hours

Post address:
Kaisa House Student Information
PO Box 53
00014 University of Helsinki

By email:
Send a message by Secure mail, receiver

Notification form for forfeiture of study right (pdf)