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The status of grant-funded doctoral candidates depends on their discipline. Science researchers, for example, often work in research groups that provide work facilities, tools and other resources for all group members. If you are not a member of a research group, most grants do not automatically entitle you to a work facility or similar resources.

The rights and obligations of grant-funded researchers are always separately agreed. The agreement between an individual grant-funded researcher and the relevant University unit determines the rights and responsibilities related to work premises, laboratory facilities, keys and similar matters. A grant never constitutes an employment contract with the University, and a grant cannot be interpreted as a salary (or its part).

Do you already have a grant?

Congratulations! The University’s HR Services handles matters related to grant-funded researchers. For more information on grant-funded work at the University of Helsinki, please see Flamma.

Are you applying for a grant?

You should prepare your grant application carefully for each specific application process, taking at least the following into account:

  • Read the call for applications and instructions, and adhere to the instructions and deadlines.
  • Make sure you have all the necessary attachments well in advance.
  • If a letter of recommendation can be attached, ask for one (e.g., from your supervisor) in good time, preferably several weeks before the deadline.
  • When writing your research and funding plan, be precise, concise and understandable, and bear in mind that reviewers often do not represent your specific research field.
  • Always keep your portfolio up to date.
  • In conclusion, be honest, realistic and optimistic. Do not understate your abilities, but do not make promises you cannot keep either.

Various funders

You can receive funding (e.g., personal grants and international mobility support) for doctoral studies from the following organisations:

The Aurora database upheld by the University of Turku offers a comprehensive list of current Finnish funding calls.

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