Information Sessions during the Academic Year

The instruction belongs to the following themes

By selecting a degree programme you are able to see the general content as well as the possible degree programme-specific content. You do not have to select a degree programme to see the Open University's instructions.

Here you can find detailed information on the themed briefings, clinics and workshops organised at the University throughout the academic year. Remember to select your degree programme from the menu above to access information on sessions that apply only to your programme or faculty. 

Digital clinic

Exceptionally, digital clinics have only been connected to the Sisu, which was brought in to use at the University of Helsinki in June 2021. The schedules and topics of digital clinics will be updated during the autumn of 2021.

Sisu guidance

Sisu guidance is aimed to support students with technical matters concerning the use of Sisu with the focus on how to create your study plan in Sisu. If you need assistance concerning the contents of your degree or course equivalences, please contact student services of your own faculty.

Information sessions on student exchange

Learn more about student exchange by attending an information session organised by International Exchange Services. Application clinics, information sessions for successful applicants and orientation events for departing students can support you at various stages of the exchange process. After returning to Finland, you can attend the Mitä opin vaihdossa? (What I learned during student exchange) session to talk about your experiences.

More information you can find from the website Information sessions about student exchange.

Events organised by Career Services

Career Services organises ThinkCareer events as well as information sessions and workshops on traineeships and job-seeking. Find more information (in Finnish) on the events on Instructions for students.

If you need advice on job-seeking or traineeships, you can visit us without making an appointment. For more information, visit the Career services website.


Events organised by the Language Centre

Information session on the course assistant programme 

Course assistants support students in almost all Language Centre courses. The assistants are international students participating in an Erasmus or other student exchange at the University of Helsinki whose native language is one of the following: Arabic, Chinese, Danish, English, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish or Russian. The assistants provide native-language peer support to students taking courses at the Language Centre.

The information session on the course assistant programme is held at the beginning of each term. For more on the programme and the upcoming information session, see Instructions for Students.

Workshops and Asian language clubs

The multilingual workshops organised by the Language Centre bring local and international students together to explore cultural issues from different perspectives. The workshops provide the participants with the opportunity to enhance their language skills and learn more about different cultures and intercultural interaction.

Asian language clubs (Japanese, Chinese and Korean) meet at the Language Centre every other week on Fridays during teaching periods. Participants can practise and improve their language skills in an informal setting, and talk to others who have studied the same language or who speak it as their native language. 

For more on the workshops, clubs and their timetables, see Instructions for students.

Also remember 

The Language Centre is also involved in orientation sessions, the Welcome Fair and student advice workshops. Follow the Language Centre’s bulletins and notifications on the Instructions for Students site and other websites. For more on language studies, see Instructions for students.

Open doors at the Open University!

A virtual information event Open doors at the Open University! will be organized from September 6th until September 10th. During the virtual event you can learn about studying at the University of Helsinki Open University both from Open University's website and Facebook event.


Information sessions on the Flexible Study Right Scheme (JOO)

International Exchange Services organises information sessions for applicants on the Flexible Study Right Scheme (JOO). Find out what studies can be completed under the scheme, when they can be completed and how to apply for the scheme. The sessions are held once a term.

For more information, see Instructions for students

Training and workshops in information seeking (Helsinki University Library)

The Helsinki University Library organises training, workshops and online courses to support students in information seeking and management throughout their studies. For more information on the topics and timetables.

The library offers guidance on information seeking.

The Helsinki University Library participates in various student events. Follow the Library news on the Instructions for Students website and the Library website as well as in social media on Facebook, Twitter (@hulib) and Instagram (@helunilib). 


Counselling psychologists' services for small groups

Throughout the year, the University’s counselling psychologists establish small groups with the purpose of supporting students in challenging situations, such as difficulties associated with a bachelor’s or master’s thesis or the scheduling and management of studies. Participating in a small group shows students that they are not alone with their study-related problems and provides them with the support of both a counselling psychologist and fellow students.

More information of the current groups and counselling services, please see the website Study psychologist services for students. Please note that places are limited.