Language anxieties and diverse learning

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Learning difficulties or anxieties may interfere with language studies. If your previous experiences worry you or raise questions in your mind, feel free to discuss them with us.

Language Centre organizes English and Swedish courses which take into account of diverse learning:

  • KK-ENERI Academic and Professional Communication in English 1 & 2
  • KK-ENG301 Reading, Listening and Speaking
  • KK-ENG302 Speaking and Vocabulary
  • KK-ENG303 Grammar for Writing
  • KK-RUERI Oral Skills in the Second National Language, Swedish

During their tutoring hours, the Language Centre teacher tutors answer questions related to language examinations, the content of courses and the completion of studies.

Fergal Bradley, the English-language tutor, and Tiina Mäenpää, the Swedish-language teacher, specialize in supervising special learners.