Language Centre courses suitable for non-Finnish speakers 2020-2021

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Course descriptions and the selection of courses offered by the Language Centre are available online (WebOodi) for everyone to see. In order to register for courses online, students need a valid university user ID.

NB! The elementary level teaching is given and study materials e.g. books are mainly in Finnish. At the more advanced level courses teaching and materials are in the language in question.

The Language Centre will teach all its courses remotely/online in the autumn semester of 2020. The notified times for the course are to be reserved for course work. The teacher will contact the students selected for the course regarding practical arrangements and a more detailed schedule. All tests in the autumn semester of 2020 will also be held remotely/online.

The Language Centre preliminary syllabus for the academic year 2020–2021 has been published in Instructions for students. The final syllabus for the spring term will be published in WebOodi in the end of August.

NB New students starting in autumn 2020: Registration for the Language Centre courses in the 1st period will still be open in WebOodi 25th-28th of August. Registration opens and closes at 12 p.m.


  • N.B! Exchange students have no right to attend any of the English courses offered by the Language Centre. However, all degree students are welcome to take any of the English courses offered by the Language Centre. If you are a degree student and sign up for a degree-requirement Academic and Professional Communication in English (1&2) course, remember to choose a course that is specifically aimed at your own faculty. If you are interested in doing more advanced-level work, you may sign up for Advanced courses, but only after you have taken a degree-requirement course.


The Finnish language courses are organised by the Bachelor’s Programme in the Languages and Literatures of Finland  (Faculty of Arts).





Especially for international students

ALICE - Academic Language and Intercultural Exchange (2 ECTS)
The basic idea of ALICE courses is to provide two language learners who speak different native languages the opportunity to learn about each other’s language and culture in an interactive way.

Language Centre Course Assistant Programme for International Students
Course assistants are University of Helsinki’s international exchange or degree students who assist Language Centre teachers in language courses and act as native peers for local students learning their native language. The Course Assistant Programme is a course and international students can gain 1-3 ECTS credits for their work as an assistant and a certificate of completion.