Learning Agreement instructions for Free mover grant applicants

By selecting a degree programme you are able to see the general content as well as the possible degree programme-specific content. You do not have to select a degree programme to see the Open University's instructions.

These instructions are for University of Helsinki degree students who apply Free mover grant. 



If you have not yet read about the teaching offered at your target university, do it now! This is often the most challenging part of the whole process, but do not get discouraged.

Select an appropriate number of courses that are suitable for your degree at the University of Helsinki. The degree you are including your studies to can also be the degree (masters) you are planning to attend after you bachelor’s degree. In some cases it may be good to do two Learning agreement plans. The second plan can be made in a free format as a word document. Read more on how to plan the studies for exchange from here. 

You must complete at least 5 credits per month, i.e. 20-30 credits/semester during your exchange depending on the length of the semester at the exchange university. However, in your learning agreement you should plan for 30 credits/semester irrespective of the duration of the semester. Universities in the EU/EEA area usually use ECTS credits, which means that the target university’s credits are of the same scope as those at the University of Helsinki. However, in Britain one credit usually equals half a credit at the University of Helsinki (1 British credit = 0.5 ECTS credits). If you are applying for exchange studies outside the EU/EEA area where the scope of credits is different than within the EU/EEA, see the required number of credits and courses in the instructions concerning your target region.

Find out which courses you can complete at your destination by reading the target university’s website and search for courses available to exchange Students. If you cannot find information on courses, you can contact the target university’s exchange coordinator.

Remember that a plan is always just a plan. Learning agreements must often be drawn up based on the courses the target university offered in the academic year prior to your exchange. The more compulsory courses you intend to substitute for exchange studies, the more detailed your learning agreement should be.

Technical tips:

  • Create your learning agreement with the Learning Agreement form in Mobility Online after you have registered. Save your learning agreement in the system one course at a time. 
  • For each course, indicate the following:
    • The name of the course at the target University
    • The scope (in the target university’s credits even if Mobility Online uses ECTS credits)
    • The course code (if you can find it, not compulsory)
    • The part of your University of Helsinki degree that the course or other studies at the target university would substitute as well as the scope of the course or the phrase “separate minor subject to be completed abroad” or “optional studies”

1.     Example: 
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München: Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, 17139, 5 ECTS
University of Helsinki: Solid state physics, MATR303, 5 ECTS

2.     Example: 
Chinese University of Hong Kong: Chinese Business and Economy, CHES5115, 3 Chinese University of Hong Kong credits
University of Helsinki: Optional studies for the Bachelor’s degree, 6 ECTS

  • The learning agreement must be created by first downloading and saving the form file on your computer from your Mobility Online account. Attach the document to your application by uploading it to the folder for submissions in your Mobility Online account.
  • The University of Helsinki does not require that learning agreements be signed by a University representative, even though a field has been reserved for this purpose on the form.
  • In many study programmes it is possible complete the optional study module of their degree abroad. See more information under recognition and validation.
  • If you intend to substitute a certain compulsory course in your degree with studies completed abroad, make the substitution arrangements already at the planning stage according to your faculty’s instructions for credit transfer. You can find the instructions in the section Returning home under the item concerning credit transfer.