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The purpose of legislation, rules and policies pertaining to degrees and studies is to ensure equal access to information, equal treatment and legal protection for all students.

The legal protection of students in academic matters is governed by

Academic Appeals Board

The duties of the University’s Academic Appeals Board include:

  • Processing appeals against the grading of exams and other academic performance, credit transfer decisions and the grading of licentiate theses and doctoral dissertations.
  • Monitoring the decisions on appeals against the forfeiture of the right to complete a degree at the faculty level to ensure the equal treatment of students.
  • Creating initiatives aimed at developing the legal protection of students.
  • Issuing statements on matters related to the legal protection of students.
  • Processing other matters related to the legal protection of students where such matters do not fall within the jurisdiction of the university’s other administrative bodies pursuant to the Universities Act or the University of Helsinki’s Regulations.

Mail addressed to the University’s Academic Appeals Board should be delivered to the university’s Registry Office, Fabianinkatu 33 (postal address: Archives and Registry, PO Box 3, 00014 University of Helsinki) or emailed to

Problems related to the evaluation of academic work

If you feel that you have been unfairly treated, for example, in the assessment of an exam, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Contact the instructor who scored the exam for more information on the exam and its scoring criteria. You also have the right to request to see your exam answers.
  2. If you are still dissatisfied with your grade, you can contact the instructor to appeal for regrading within 14 days of your exam results becoming available to you.
  3. If you are dissatisfied with the instructor’s decision on the matter, you can lodge a further appeal within 14 days with the University’s Academic Appeals Board.

Appealing the grading of theses and dissertations

If you are dissatisfied with the grading of your advanced studies thesis, licentiate thesis or doctoral dissertation you may appeal in writing to the Academic Appeals Board within 14 days of receiving the grading decision, excluding the day of notification. Unless proven otherwise, the recipient is considered to have received notification of the matter on the seventh day since the posting of the letter. Unless proven otherwise, notification of electronically submitted documents is considered to take place by the third day after submission, excluding the day of submission.

Appeals are submitted to the Academic Appeals Board of the University of Helsinki:

Postal address: Archives and Registry, PO Box 4, 00014 University of Helsinki
Street address: Yliopistonkatu 3, 3. floor
Opening hours: weekdays 10:00 am. – 2:00 pm.

Appeals are made in writing and must include

  1. The appealed decision
  2. The requested rectification
  3. Grounds for the rectification
  4. The date on which the notification was received if the date named in the instructions for the request for rectification is contested
  5. Name and contact details of the appellant

Contact persons

The Heads of Academic Affairs are in charge of matters related to the legal protection of students. The contact information for the Heads of Academic Affairs is available here.

In addition the Student Union has an academic affairs specialist you can contact if you need advice on students' legal protection. You can find the contact information for the Student Union's personnel here.

Legal Advice for Students

If you are in need of legal advice in other matters, please consult the following links: