Nordplus Network in Theology

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The Nordplus Network in Theology (Det Teologiske Nordplus-nettverket) was founded in 1989 in order to change ideas, good practices and expertise in the field of theology and religious studies. As the study field theology has been rather small in the attending universities, there was need for broadening the possibilities to specialize in the field. This was accomplished by changing ideas and good practices and by sending teachers and students between faculties that had different profiles.

The network consists of 10 faculties in the Nordic countries: University of Helsinki, Johannelund Theological Seminary, University of Copenhagen, MF Norwegian School of Theology, Lund University, University of Iceland, Aarhus University, VID Specialized University, University of Oslo and Åbo Akademi.

The overall goal of the network is collaboration between the partners in form of long and short student and teacher mobility.

Partners in the network


Aarhus University

Terkel Rørkær Sigh,

International coordinator of the faculty,

University of Copenhagen


University of Helsinki (coordinator)

Iina Hautala (coordinator, administrative contact person),

Johan Bastubacka (academic contact person),

Åbo Akademi University

Pekka Lindqvist,


University of Iceland

Sigriður Guðmarsdóttir, 


MF Norwegian School of Theology

Rebekka Opsa,

University of Oslo

Osama Rajpoot,

VID Specialized University

Jostein Ådna,

  • NB!  The university has many campuses of which two, Stavanger and Tromsø, offer teaching in theology and religious studies. Teaching in bachelor level is mainly in Norwegian and in master level mainly in English. (updated 3/2021)


Johannelund Theological Seminary

Åsa Granath,

Lund University

Centrum för teologi och religionsvetenskap

Tania Norell (students),

Blaženka Scheuer (teachers),

How to apply for exchange?

Applying for exchange is consists of two parts:

1) Apply for the exchange place from your home university

2) After you've been nominated by your home university to the host university, apply to the host university according to their own application instructions and deadlines

How to apply for the Nordplus grant?

Your home coordinator should nominate you as a candidate for a Nordplus grant to the coordinator of the network (University of Helsinki).

After the nomination, you'll receive a grant form from the coordinator of the network by email.

The amount of the grant will be confirmed and provided to you and your home coordinator by email in June / November at the latest.

The grant consists of a scholarship and a travel allowance. The networks can decide on the amount of the grant depending on the budget and based on the maximum sums of the Nordplus handbook.

Please note that if the exchange is completely online, you are not entitled to the grant.

In any questions regarding the Nordplus grant, please contact the network coordinator:

Iina Hautala, International Exchange Services and Education Cooperation, University of Helsinki

What to do after the Nordplus exchange?

You are required to return the following documents to the network after your exchange:


1) In order to confirm that you have completed your exchange studies as required, you should return a Letter of Confirmation filled in and signed by your exchange university (host institution) to the network coordinator ( at the latest 1 month after your exchange.


2) Both the network coordinator and your home university are eager to hear how the exchange went and whether you were satisfied with your international experience. Please write a short report/description (c.a. 1 page) on the following themes:

- Applying to the host university

- Arriving to the new city

- Language

- Living in student housing

- Courses: academic level of the studies,

- Student life in the host university

- Tips for future exchange students and important for coordinators to know

Return your report to the network coordinator ( with a copy to your home university coordinator at the latest 1 month after your exchange.

If you allow us to use your report (without your personal information) on our websites, please let us know when you return your report. It would be great to share students' experiences for example on this page.


3) Make sure that you receive an official transcript of records from your host university. Ask your home university for credit transfer to your home university degree.