Personal career and the future

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Career planning is orienting yourself to the future, as well as making decisions and plans that sound out the future. You have probably already made a few of these decisions. As decision-makers, we are all different. Choices concerned with the future may be founded on our interests or values, notions of our future career or intuition, and on surrendering yourself or taking up an opportunity. - Career readiness self-assessment is a self-assessment tool designed to support you in your career planning and study path. Identified your career planning thoughts, questions and challenges may help you to better develop your career readiness before graduation and during your career.

  • You can assess your career readiness by filling out one to three questionnaires.
  • Based on your replies, you will receive feedback and tips on which areas you should work on.
  • You can also use the feedback to assess whether the Career Services could have something to offer to you. Check out Career Services' activities.

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