Before returning home

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic we have prepared additional instructions for students who decide to discontinue their exchange at the University of Helsinki:

You should prepare for your return from Finland well before the end of your exchange studies. We have listed here a few things you should not forget. 

Order a transcript of studies

The University of Helsinki does not send automatically your transcript of studies! You need to order the transcript once all your courses have been registered in Sisu. 

User account validity

Your University of Helsinki user account is valid until end of January (if you are staying for the fall period) or September (if you are studying in the spring term/whole academic year). During this time you can access Sisu to make sure all your credits have been registered, to copy and download your course descriptions and course work from Sisu and Moodle. 

Get your important documents signed

If you need  signatures for a Certificate of stay/ Departure certificate or for any other mobility documents (such as Learning Agreement), please send the document(s) electronically in PDF format to For the departure certificate which is a form from your home university, please include a copy/picture of your travel tickets, so that we can sign the correct departure date. If your travel date is after the final date of your study right, your departure date will be the last day of the study right. 

Give us feedback

Your feedback on your exchange at the University of Helsinki is valuable to us!

You can give us feedback without giving your personal details (name, email). However, if you give us your name and e-mail, you will have a chance to win a sweatshirt with a University of Helsinki logo on it!