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This article is only for students studying in the new degree programmes.

A Master’s degree is a postgraduate degree that can be completed in 60 Master’s degree programmes at the University of Helsinki. Other postgraduate degrees include Licentiate degree in medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine and Master of Pharmacy (proviisori). 

After completing a Bachelor’s degree, you can then start a Master’s degree programme for which you have been granted an option right. You can also apply for international Master’s degree programmes. To learn more about them, click here. Applications for the international programmes are submitted annually in December.

Direct master's options

Each student who has been granted, in connection with admission, the right to complete a Master’s degree has at least one Master’s option towards which they can continue their studies without a separate registration procedure. Exceptions to this are the Bachelor’s degree programmes in the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences and the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. The students in all these programmes register for one or more Master’s degree options.

If the specialisation is chosen already in the Bachelor’s degree programme, the direct Master’s option is usually the corresponding Master’s degree programme specialisation. If you wish to continue your studies in the direct Master’s option after completing the Bachelor’s degree, no actions are required from you. You confirm your Master’s option when you complete the Bachelor’s degree. 

Other Master's options

In some cases, you can pursue a Master’s degree programme or specialisation other than your direct Master’s option. This depends on your Bachelor’s degree programme and the studies you have completed. You can continue to some Master’s options directly without a separate registration procedure, provided that the pre-defined criteria for studies completed as part of the Bachelor’s degree are fulfilled. In this case, you confirm the Master’s option when you complete the Bachelor’s degree.

You can also apply for the right to continue to some Master’s degree programmes and specialisations with a separate registration procedure. You can apply for such Master’s options when studying for a Bachelor’s degree, usually towards the end of studies.  You can find your degree programme’s Master’s options and related criteria at the bottom of this page if you have signed in. 

The Master’s degree programmes with a separate registration procedure have two registration periods: in the autumn, 1–31 October, and in the spring, 1–30 April. The registration periods for different Master’s degree programmes vary, so make sure in advance which registration period applies to the Master’s degree programme you are interested in. The registration is made electronically. You can find the degree programme-specific instructions and registration forms for ongoing registration period by selecting your Bachelor’s degree programme in the degree programme menu at the top of the page.

You can register for a Master’s option with a separate registration procedure when studying for a Bachelor’s degree studies, after you have completed the studies defined in the required criteria. You can register for the Master’s option at the maximum two times during your studies. The degree programme for which you register checks the fulfillment of the criteria and, if necessary, ranks the registering students. The registration results will be announced at the latest one month after the end of the registration period. The registration result cannot be appealed. 

An entry about the Master’s options granted to you is made in the study register. When you complete your Bachelor’s degree programme, you confirm the option in which you continue your studies. If you have been granted other Master’s options in addition to the direct Master’s option, the other options terminate and the right to the Master’s option you chose enters into force. You can begin studying for a Master’s degree immediately after completing the Bachelor’s degree. You cannot declare that you continue studies in a Master’s degree programme for which you have not been granted an option right. So, align the completion of your Bachelor studies with the time when you have received information about the option right granted to you.

Registering for a Master's programme

The Master’s degree programmes with a separate application procedure

The Master’s degree programmes with a separate application procedure have two registration periods: in the autumn, 1–31 October, and in the spring, 1–30 April. Different Master´s Programmes use different registration periods, so please check beforehand which registration period in is use in the Master´s programme that you are interested in to registrate. 

In the autumn 2019 you can register for the following Master's programmes:

The registration results will be announced by the end of November.

Other Master´s degree programmes

Other possible Master’s options of the Bachelor’s degree programme have no registration periods; you can declare to which option you want to continue when applying for your Bachelor’s degree diploma. No actions are required from you if you continue onward to the direct option.

Some of the Master’s degree options require the completion of specific studies. After completing a Bachelor’s degree, you can continue to these options provided that you have completed the required studies.

International Master's degree programmes

The University of Helsinki also has several international Master’s degree programmes, you apply for them annually in December.  Some of the international Master’s degree programmes are option programmes which follows registration procedure. You can find more information about international Master’s programmes here.

Master's degree study tracks

Some Master’s degree programmes feature alternative specialisations for completing the degree. Depending on the degree programme, specialisation applications are submitted at different stages of the Master’s degree. You can see the specialisation application instructions applicable to you by signing in or selecting the right degree programme at the top of the page. The degree content in different specialisations differ to a varying extent.


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