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The University of Helsinki Open University applies the rules and guidelines for University of Helsinki degree students to Open University students, where relevant. Students agree to follow the Open University’s rules and regulations in conjunction with registering for the Open University’s teaching.

The rules and guidelines for degree students.


The rights of Open University students

The provisions of the Universities Act regarding the assessment of studies (sections 44 and 82) also apply to Open University students. These provisions concern the right of students to obtain information about the application of assessment criteria, to view the assessed assignment or examination and to apply for the rectification of a grading decision by sending a request first to the teacher and then to their university’s academic appeals board or equivalent body.  

Open University students have the right to reasonable adjustments, i.e., special arrangements in teaching based on a chronic illness or disability in accordance with the University’s guidelines and procedures for degree students. Access to special arrangements requires that the student has not repeatedly failed to use the special arrangements previously granted to him or her without an acceptable reason. More information: Special arragements support studies

The right to a safe learning environment and the requirement of appropriate beaviour

All students (incl. degree students, exchange students and Open University students) are entitled to a safe learning environment and to not be subjected to inappropriate behaviour. Students must be treated equally. Each student is responsible not only for his or her own actions, but also for promoting a safe and pleasant learning environment.

Students must behave appropriately in both physical and online learning environments. Other students, teachers or staff must not be disturbed or subjected to other inappropriate behaviour. Students must follow the study-related instructions and guidelines issued by the Open University, individual teachers and administrative staff.

Cheating, plagiarism and other fraud in studies are strictly forbidden. More information:

Open University students must primarily contact the course teacher if they experience problems related to teaching or interaction with other course students (e.g., group work). Open University students can also inform the Open University staff if they experience inappropriate behaviour in teaching or problems related to students’ rights: 

Consequences of student's inappropriate behaviour

Open University students who disrupt teaching, behave violently or threateningly, or place another person’s life or health in danger can be ordered to vacate the teaching facility or an event organised by the University. A student can be barred from attending teaching for up to three working days if the student’s violent or threatening behaviour could jeopardise the safety of another student or a person who works at the University or in another teaching facility, or if the student’s disruptive behaviour renders teaching or related activity unduly difficult.  Teachers can order students to vacate the teaching facility. The director in charge of the Open University’s operations can bar a student from attending all Open University teaching for up to three working days.

If a student breaches the University’s rules for user accounts (e.g., by behaving inappropriately on an electronic learning platform), the matter can be addressed in accordance with the rules of use. More information: Acceptable use policy for University of Helsinki

If an Open University student has seriously violated the Open University’s rules and regulations through disruptive, threatening or violent behaviour or has repeatedly acted in a fraudulent manner, the student can be refused admission to Open University studies for a fixed period of up to one year. In urgent cases, courses that have already begun can be suspended. Students are not reimbursed for the fee of a course suspended due to their own behaviour.

Violent behaviour or threats of violence will be reported to the University’s safety and security officer and may be reported to the police.