Russian, Eastern European and Eurasian studies

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The Aleksanteri Institute organises multidisciplinary study programmes, special courses and training on different levels from undergraduate to PhD. Our teaching is closely linked to the on-going research at the Institute and its network, and we are constantly developing new methods and practices to provide students with the best learning experience. In the study programmes coordinated by the Aleksanteri Institute, you gain valuable insights into the history, culture, politics and every day life of the countries in our field.

The following studies are coordinated by the Aleksanteri Institute:

  • Module Global Processes in Russia (RUS-500,15 cr) offers three master's level courses: Global Norms and Ethics (RUS-302), Processes and Flows (RUS-303), and Reactions and Responses (RUS-304).
  • Optional Module in Russian Studies (RUS-520, 15 cr) can be taken by choosing three courses from the master level study units belonging to the module.
  • The Finnish university network for Expertise in Russian and Eastern European Studies (ExpREES) offers a 25 cr study block. Degree students of Finnish Universities can apply to ExpREES every year in March. ExpREES students can take summer- and autumn schools, excursions and courses of the network universities.
  • You can apply to the Master's Programme in Russian Studies (MARS) by the beginning of the January. For more information and application instructions, please see How to apply.
  • The East Central European, Balkan and Baltic Studies (ECEBB) provides students with a comprehensive knowledge base in order to deepen their understanding of the recent history and current societies of the regions. ECEBB offers two study blocks ECEBB I (KUKA-IK520, 15 cr) OR ECEBB II (KUKA-IK500, 30 cr), and ECEBB specialization studies (ALKU-IK530, 15 cr).
  • Ukrainian Studies (KUKA-UK500, 15 cr) is a multidisciplinary study block providing students with opportunities to orientate themselves to the study of Ukrainian culture, history and contemporary society.

Students are warmly welcome to the Aleksanteri Institute events and seminars. Please check the event calendar to see what's on at the Aleksanteri Institute!