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Who can apply and the grant period

The University of Helsinki is pleased to offer five Study Grants worth 10 000 € each for the second academic year to master's students who are liable to pay tuition fees. Applicants must thus be in their first study year when they apply for the Study Grant. Students who have already been awarded a Study Grant when they were accepted to the University of Helsinki are not eligible for the Second Year Study Grant.

The Study Grant can either be deducted from the tuition fee invoice (due date 31 May) or transferred to a Finnish bank account in two installments, each worth 5 000 €. The first installment shall be paid during the autumn term after 31 August, and the second installment shall be paid during the spring term, after 15 January. The grant can be paid to the student only after s/he has registered as attending for the whole second academic year.

Evaluation criteria

The Study Grants are a reward for successful studies and an encouragement to do even better in the second study year. The grants are awarded on the basis of academic performance in the first, second and third period of the first study year in the master's programme.

Factors to be considered include the number of credits completed in the programme as well as the grades obtained. Applicants who have completed less than 45 credits cannot receive a Second Year Study Grant.

Courses that can be taken into account in the evaluation must have been completed by the end of the third period. In the event that some credits from the third period have not yet been registered by the time of the application period, applicants will have the possibility to list these courses in their application. Credits and grades of courses that continue until the fourth period will not be taken into account. Only studies that have been completed during the student's first year in the master's programme can be included in the evaluation, i.e. previously completed studies that have been transferred to your degree will not count.


The application period took take place from 8 April 2020 (9:00 local Finnish time) to 24 April 2020 (15:00 local Finnish time). 

Editing the application

You can submit your application either as a draft or as a final application. You can return to the application system to check and edit your draft and final application during the application period. Draft versions of the application are not acknowledged as applications when the decisions about the grants are made.

E-mail confirmation

The application system will send an affirmative e-mail to the address you give in the application when the application has been submitted as a draft and as a final application for the first time. In the affirmation e-mail there is a link that you can use to return to the system to check and alter your application during the application period.