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Students at the Open University who have dyslexia, mobility limitations or sensory impairments may request special support for study-related situations and arrangements. To be granted special arrangements, you must have a certificate from a doctor or an equivalent expert, such as a psychologist, speech therapist or physical therapist, indicating the grounds for special arrangements. 

Depending on the situation, such arrangements may include additional time or a separate space at an examination, the use of assistive tools or a personal assistant, or an alternative, separately agreed mode of completion for the course.   

Special arrangements promote equality in accessibility and studies. Special arrangements have no impact on grading.


Teaching-related special arrangements may include using an accessible teaching space, assistive tools or a personal assistant for the student.  
If you need special arrangements in order to participate in teaching, please contact the Open University’s study advice no later than 14 days before the beginning of the course. Contact details and study advice

Online examinations

Special arrangements in online examinations may include additional time for completing the examination or submitting assignments, or a separately agreed mode of completion instead of the examination. 

For examinations of less than three hours in duration, the additional time is 30 minutes. For examinations of three or more hours in duration, the additional time is one hour (60 minutes). These periods of additional time are based on a recommendation from the University of Helsinki’s special arrangements expert panel.

If you need special arrangements at an online examination: 

  • Request a certificate from a doctor or equivalent specialist (e.g., psychologist, speech therapist or physical therapist) stating the grounds for the special arrangements you need.  
  • Contact specialneeds@helsinki.fi to agree how the expert statement or doctor’s certificate should be submitted to the University. NOTE! For reasons of information security, do not attach your doctor’s certificate or expert statement to this message.  
  • In addition, fill the appropriate form in Moodle to inform us about the additional time that you have been granted or contact an Open University education specialist no later than 10 days before the online examination. Agree on the additional time or an alternative mode of completion with the specialist. Contact details and study advice 

Read more about online examinations:

Examinations at the University

These instructions will be released later in spring 2021.

Teaching and examinations arranged at partner institutions

In the case of teaching or examinations organised at the Open University’s partner institutions, the special arrangements guidelines and practices of the institution in question will be applied. More information and instructions are available from the institution in question.

Further information

Information about accessibility at the University of Helsinki’s teaching facilities: University of Helsinki’s teaching facilities