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On this page, you can find information on various study-related information session organised throughout the year.

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Events organised by the Language Centre

A view from the Language Centre staircase.

Information session on the course assistant programme 

Course assistants support students in almost all Language Centre courses. The assistants are international students participating in an Erasmus or other student exchange at the University of Helsinki whose native language is one of the following: Arabic, Chinese, Danish, English, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish or Russian. The assistants provide native-language peer support to students taking courses at the Language Centre.

The information session on the course assistant programme is held at the beginning of each term. For more on the programme and the upcoming information session, see Instructions for Students.

Workshops and Asian language clubs

The multilingual workshops organised by the Language Centre bring local and international students together to explore cultural issues from different perspectives. The workshops provide the participants with the opportunity to enhance their language skills and learn more about different cultures and intercultural interaction.

Asian language clubs (Japanese, Chinese and Korean) meet at the Language Centre every other week on Fridays during teaching periods. Participants can practise and improve their language skills in an informal setting, and talk to others who have studied the same language or who speak it as their native language. 

For more on the workshops, clubs and their timetables, see Instructions for students.

Also remember 

The Language Centre is also involved in orientation sessions, the Welcome Fair and student advice workshops. Follow the Language Centre’s bulletins and notifications on the Instructions for Students site and other websites. For more on language studies, see Instructions for students.

Training and events in information seeking

Bookshelves at the Kaisa Library.

Do you need sources for your thesis? You can extend your knowledge with the library’s online course for information seeking and management. You can also learn information retrieval at on-campus courses organized by the library. Training is offered for increasing the efficiency of information retrieval for your thesis, as well as supporting the use of reference management programs. See the library course selection.

The library also offers guidance on information seeking. You will get more out of the guidance if you have familiarised yourself with information seeking in advance by taking the Library’s online course or contact teaching on the topic.

The Helsinki University Library participates in various student events. Follow the Library news on the Instructions for Students website and the Library website as well as in social media on Facebook, Twitter (@hulib) and Instagram (@helunilib).


Open doors at the Open University!

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Information sessions on the Flexible Study Right Scheme (JOO)

Two students working on a laptop.

International Exchange Services organises information sessions for applicants on the Flexible Study Right Scheme (JOO). Find out what studies can be completed under the scheme, when they can be completed and how to apply for the scheme. The sessions are held once a term.

For more information, see the page Flexible Study Rights (JOO).