Travel support for doctoral researchers

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The University of Helsinki supports doctoral researchers' traveling to scientific events both in Finland and abroad. Most travel supports are awarded by the doctoral school or doctoral programmes and should be applied for following the specific instructions given by doctoral school or programme. Some travel support is only intended for international conference trips while some calls for applications also include domestic travel and longer stays abroad. Check the instructions for applicants in good time before each application round and follow them carefully.

General information on travel grants

Most travel grants are available to all Doctoral researchers belonging to the doctoral programmes of the University of Helsinki, independent of their source of funding. As a rule, the planned trip must benefit the Doctoral researcher's dissertation project and the completion of the doctoral degree.

In addition to the travel grants awarded by the doctoral school and doctoral programmes, some of the faculties award faculty-specific travel grants. The faculties send out information on the upcoming rounds of applications, whenever one is opened.

The University of Helsinki Funds open a call for applications every spring for various smaller and larger grants, often including funding for short conference trips or longer stays abroad. When the call for applications opens, check the funds related to your discipline and see if any grants suitable for you are applicable. More information on the University of Helsinki Funds call for applications is sent out early each spring.