UNA Europa online courses at the University of Helsinki - call ends on Jan 29th

Eight leading European research universities have come together to create a unique alliance – Una Europa. The alliance now offers their students a chance to study at each partner university online. The courses are designed to challenge and inspire you on the strategic areas of the Una Europa alliance in an online learning environment that promotes equality.

On this instruction you find a list of courses that the University of Helsinki offers to the students of Una Europa universities and instructions on how to apply for these courses.

The next application deadline for submitting your application to the University of Helsinki's online courses is January 29, 2021. The courses available are organized mainly between March 15 and May 31. Read more about the courses, application process, study facilities and other practical matters below.

List of courses

The registration is done through Mobility Online-portal do not use the weboodi programme for registrations!

Some of the courses are on Bachelor's level, some are suitable for both Bachelor's and Master's level, and some are on Master's level. Please check course description for detailed information. 


Advanced natural Resource Economics (AGERE-E04), 5 ECTS, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry

Tropical forest ecology and conservation (ME-228), 5 ECTS, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry

Tropical forests and climate change (FOR-253), 5 ECTS, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry

Environmental effects of forest operations (FOR-261), 5 ECTS, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry

Behavioural change and sustainability (FOR-111), 5 ECTS, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry

Managing innovation in agrifood value chains for sustainability (EKM-103), 5 ECTS, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry

Sustainable entrepreneurship (EKM-127), 5 ECTS, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry

Horticulture for Well-being and Green Care (AGRI-294), 5 ECTS, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry

Cost- Benefit Analysis (AGERE-002), 5 ECTS, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry

The politics of environmental knowledge (ECGS-087), Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Geographies of inequalities (GEOG-342), 5 ECTS, Faculty of Science

Sustainable welfare (SOSM-YP392), 5 ECTS, Faculty of Social Sciences

Computer science

Elements of AI: Introduction to AI (AYTKT21018), 2 ECTS, Open University

Ethics of AI (AYTKT21031en) 2 ECTS, Open University 

Building AI (AYTKT21028en) 2 ECTS, Open University

    Who can apply?

    All students who are enrolled in a UNA Europa consortium university can apply for the Online courses offered by the University of Helsinki. Please see below the list of universities that are part of the consortium.

    Step-by-step application guide

    Deadline for submitting your application to the University of Helsinki with two mandatory attachments: 29.1.2021.

    Please note that our online application system is not mobile phone friendly, so please use a computer to submit your application. The registration is done through Mobility Online-portal, do not use the weboodi portal!

    1. Start the application process by registering online using the Mobility Online portal: https://kvl.it.helsinki.fi/mobility/MobilitySearchServlet?identifier=helsink01&sprache=en&kz_bew_art=IN&kz_bew_pers=S
    2. Click the "ISEP, NORTH2NORTH.." banner in the upper right corner and then select the programme Tailor-made courses. You can then fill in the registration form. If you do not see the registration form, check that you have clicked on the link in the upper right corner (do not use the menu).

      Portal picture of front page

    3. Start filling in the form with filling in your personal details and choosing:
      - The faculty at the University of Helsinki which you apply to: Choose according to the Faculty of the course you are applying to
      - degree programme at the University of Helsinki: Fill in N/A
      - course name: The course name or names you are applying to. If you apply to more than one course please list the order you wish to prioritise the attendance of the courses. Please write also the code of the course (e.g. EKM-127)
      - duration of the study period: 15.3. 2021 - 31.5.2021
    4. When you have completed the registration form, you will receive an email where from you’ll find a link to your application account where you must finalize your application. Create a username and a password that both have minimum 8 and maximum 12 characters, at least one number, at least one upper case letter and no special characters. For example: Username1, passWord1.
    5. In order to finalize your application, complete your personal details and upload required documents.
    6. Required attachments to be submitted with your application:
      a) official transcript from your home university in English, Finnish or Swedish
      b) IT username application, filled in and signed by you. Please find the application form online. When you fill in the IT username application, please write studentexchange@helsinki.fi as your contact person at the University of Helsinki and the dates of the exchange. Also leave the student number, user name and IT-center part empty. Do not send the application to the Help desk, attach it instead to your application.
    7. When you are ready, click on the link "Confirm that you have uploaded all required documents". Choose tick the box. Save your confirmation with the “Create” button. This completes your application (there is no separate submit/send button).

    When your application has been reviewed, you will receive an acceptance e-mail from the University of Helsinki. Your acceptance to the course(s) will be confirmed in your acceptance e-mail, which includes further instructions.

    Contact information


    Our service email address is:
    For student exchange and visiting student applicants: studentexchange@helsinki.fi

    When sending an e-mail mention in the subject field UNA Europa.

    Contact by phone

    You can reach us by calling our phone number +358 2941 22401 on weekdays between 10–15 (EET).