UniSport sport services

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Life is about more than just working and studying. You should engage in regular physical activity and maintain your mental wellbeing. The fitness centre and meeting spot UniSport aims to make exercise an enjoyable experience rather than a chore.

At UniSport, you have access to five state-of-the-art gyms, some 40 different group exercise classes and opportunities for ball sports training.

You can visit UniSport whenever you want: the first visit is free and you need not make a booking.

Come and get moving!

Training card

The most common and inexpensive way to use the UniSport services is to purchase a training card. It allows you to participate in an unlimited number of group exercise classes, book ball sports training facilities and use the gym as often as you like – at any of the UniSport fitness centres.

How to get started at UniSport

Register at the customer service point of any UniSport centre: as a University of Helsinki student, you must present your student card or an attendance certificate and ID card as well as your username (the one you use to log in to the University’s computer system).

After registering, you can purchase a training card and book courses, individual services and courts via your online account.

You can book group exercise classes and ball sports training sessions when your training card is valid.

Has it been a while since you last exercised, or is it something you have never really done?

UniSport offers its customers free gym instruction. Participants can ask for advice on how to start a new exercise routine or use gym equipment. You need not book a space for gym instruction.

Take a Break!

Small actions have a big impact on health! UniSport offers Break Pro interval training software for every university student.

In Break Pro you will find over 150 short break exercise videos to help you take a break from your work easily. The movements are designed by physiotherapists and are easy to do anywhere. 

You can schedule the programme to remind you to move and do the exercises when it suits you best. There are several language options to choose from, including Finnish, Swedish and English. 

Download Break Pro to your device

- For Windows, you can download the software at breakpro.fi/lataa
- For macOS, you can download the installation package here.
- For mobile devices, Break Pro can be downloaded from Apple's AppStore and Google Play. You can find the software by searching for "break pro" or "BREAK PRO".
- Downloading requires an email address ending in @helsinki.fi.

 PC / Windows

- Download the installation package.
- The installer will remove any old version of the software.
- Login to the program with your university email address helsinki.fi. 
- Enter the activation code you received in your email in the open field.
- The application is ready for use.

macOS (Mojave 10.14 >)

- You can download the installation package for macOS here.
- Start the installer with the right mouse button or the left + Ctrl key. The installer may indicate that the supplier is not trusted. Run the installation anyway.
- Login to the program with your university email address helsinki.fi. 
- Enter the activation code that came in your email in the open field.
- In System Preferences, enable all notifications for Break Pro and restart your computer.
- Notifications/reminders will work if the program is not shut down. So do not close the program, but press the yellow "down" button.

Break Pro updates

- The latest update to the Break Pro program is due in April-May 2023.
- On Windows machines, Break Pro will suggest an update when one is available.
- On macOS machines, uninstall the previous version of the program and install the new one by downloading the installation package.
- On mobile devices, download the update from the app store.


Remember also Carefree Shoulders, UniSport’s free, 15-minute exercise break.