University chaplain at your service

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Do you need a break in the bustle of everyday life? Do you want to have a chat or share your sighs with someone? The university chaplains are at your service!

The university chaplains are available to everyone from the university community and are ready to listen to whatever you need to talk about; studies and work, relationships and loneliness, stress, anxiety or spiritual matters. The university chaplains offer a safe space for everyone, regardless of your religious conviction, gender or sexual orientation. They also have professional confidentiality. Additionally, the university chaplains can assist you with religious ceremonies such as baptisms, weddings, funerals and home blessings.

Feel free to get in touch to book a meeting. It's also possible to meet the university chaplains without a scheduled appointment during consultation hours.

University chaplains

Leena Huovinen
City Centre Campus
050 301 9613
Visiting hours Wed 14.00-15.00 Fabianinkatu 33, room 1132

Lisa Enckell
University Chaplain for Swedish speaking students (2021)
+358 50 3800 662
IG: @studentprasten 

Laura Mäntylä
Viikki and Kumpula Campuses
050 591 9874
Visiting hours Thu 12.00-14.00 in Viikki (Info Centre Korona, room 110c)

You can also reach the University chaplains in Jodel @kirkkojakampus.

We can get through anything- discussions

We can get through anything – and if not, we still do

University student, do you miss people? Miss connecting with others? Join us and tell us how you’re doing. Everyone can share their thoughts and feelings in peace while others listen. Then we’ll have a discussion: What makes you feel safe? What keeps you going? What to do when you just can’t cope? The discussion is lead by a university chaplain.

You have an opportunity to attend a meeting in the Crypt of the Helsinki Cathedral, in Kirkkokatu 18 (6 persons per meeting allowed) or in Zoom (10 persons per meeting). Pre-registration below.

Conversations in the Crypt (Finnish/Swedish/English) are lead in turns by the university chaplains Lisa Enckell and Leena Huovinen. In Zoom (Finnish/English) the conversations are lead by university chaplain Laura Late Mäntylä.

Registration is to be done by the previous Tuesday by 4pm. Those first registered (6 or 10 people) will be notified during Tuesday evening.
Registration: We can get through anything (e-form).

Meetings in the Crypt (6 people per meeting) on Wednesdays at 4-5.30pm:

  • 24 March (Finnish)
  • 4 April (English)
  • 21 April (Finnish)
  • 28 April (Finnish)
  • 12 May (Swedish)
  • 19 May (Finnish)

The current safety instructions are followed in the meetings, meaning we will keep the safety distance of 2 meters and wear masks. In addition, the first names and phone numbers of the attendees are collected into a sealed envelope in case of needing to contact attendees if there were a COVID-19 -exposure. The envelope including the names will be disposed of after 3 weeks.

Meetings in Zoom (10 people per meeting) on Wednesdays at 6-7.30pm:

  • 31 March (Finnish)
  • 7 April (English)
  • 5 May (English)
  • 19 May (Finnish)

In order to accomplish the best possible interactivity in Zoom, we hope that all the participants would have their cameras turned on, if technically possible.

Outside (6 + 6 people) 26 May at 4-5.30pm. The place is to be announced.

Principles of the meetings

Join us in building an open, interactive and respectful atmosphere. Everyone is responsible for creating a safer space! By attending you commit to the following principles of a safer space, so that every attendee may feel as good, welcome and safe as possible:

We meet one another with an open mind, we are kind and we display gentleness and acceptance towards others and ourselves. We let everyone be themselves freely. We respect everyone's differences. We remember that we do not know everyone’s qualities, experiences and boundaries. We avoid making assumptions of others. We let everyone define their own experiences by themselves. We listen to one another and we try to understand. If we offend someone, we apologize, and we also aim to forgive others if they unintentionally offend us.

Want to know more?

For more information, please refer to Kirkko Helsingissä website (in Finnish). You are also invited to visit the Multi faith prayer room.