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Are you interested in sharing your student experiences with current and future students? Apply to become a student ambassador of the University of Helsinki and join the community of student influencers.

Next application period will be open from 15 Aug to 31 Aug 2022. You will need to fill in a digital application form, which will be linked in this site.

We offer you diverse tasks in content production as well as peer and influencer marketing:

  • writing blogs and social media entries (e.g. Instagram takeovers)
  • chatting with prospective students
  • working at events
  • modelling at photoshoots and taking part in videoshoots

Student ambassadors studying in our international Master’s Programmes play an important part in working at the Welcome Fair for new international students, speaking at tutor trainings and chatting with prospective students online. Working as an ambassador you will gain valuable work experience, working life skills, networking opportunities and training. In addition, you can easily earn alongside studying, and you will also receive a University of Helsinki shirt and a certificate of employment and LinkedIn recommendation.

Ambassadors studying in Bachelor’s Programmes (Finnish, Swedish and Bachelor of Science in English) also have a chance to work at Finnish student fairs and give presentations at Finnish upper secondary schools.

Please contact studentambassadors(at) for more information.


The next trainings for ambassadors will be held on autumn 2022.

Joint meetings and trainings with all ambassadors (English, Finnish, Swedish) are held mainly in English. Student ambassadors have a trilingual common Teams workspace. The Teams workspace contains instructions and guidelines for all student ambassador tasks.


  • Chatting with prospective students online on University of Helsinki Chat with our students service: 14€/h + 14€/active month
  • Writing a blog (400–1,200 words): €20 per blog entry (no more than 10 entries by one person per year)
  • Instagram takeover (roughly 7–12 entries for a story in a day): €50
  • Individual presentation as a webinar (including preparation and testing, if any): €50. Individual presentation at an upper secondary school or at University premises (independent of the duration and location, including preparation): €50. If you give several presentations at the same location on the same day, the fee for each presentation following the first one is €30.
  • Working at events (trade fairs, etc. commissioned by the Admission Services or other UH admins), training new representatives and, for example, giving a walking tour: €14/h
  • NB! Student Ambassadors have a choice to also arrange unprompted events such as museum visits, mingles etc. but these are considered volunteer work.
  • Preparing training sessions for new representatives, or walking tours: €20 per training session/walking tour
  • Taking part in photoshoots can be rewarded, on a case-by-case basis, with, for example, admission tickets, but as a rule no fees are paid for photoshoots.
  • For all student ambassadors: UH t-shirt
  • Additionally, for student ambassadors taking part in photoshoots: UH hoodie (max. 1 hoodie per student ambassador)
  • For presentations of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, the Faculty pays an additional fee of €20 per presentation.

Travel expenses

  • Travel expenses according to ticket prices (based on the most inexpensive mode of transport) -> ticket/receipt must be attached to the travel reimbursement application.
  • Kilometre allowance €0.23/km -> statement of kilometres driven is sufficient

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