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A Finnish university degree has two tiers: Students first complete the first-cycle, or bachelor’s, degree, before progressing to the second-cycle, or master’s, degree. The University of Helsinki offers bachelor’s degrees in 63 different degree programmes and master’s degrees in 33 programmes.   
The Open University does not offer higher education degrees, but its studies correspond to the University’s degree studies and are useful when aiming for a degree. Read more: Studying for a degree at the Open University

First-cycle or bachelor’s degree

The scope of the bachelor’s degree is 180 credits. The target schedule is for full-time students to complete it within approximately three years. 

Most of the studies offered by the Open University correspond to bachelor’s degree studies.  


Second-cycle or master’s degree

The scope of the master’s degree is 120 credits. After completing the bachelor’s degree, full-time students can complete the master’s degree in approximately two years.

The Open University is increasingly offering studies that correspond to master’s degree studies. These studies typically require prior studies in either the same or a different field.

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