Applications in Sisu: Read this before submitting an application

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Bulletin 6.9.2021

Sisu enables you to submit key study-related applications electronically through your study plan. You will also be informed about the decision on your application in Sisu.

If you wish to receive a decision on a substitution application concerning studies that require you to attend classes during the first teaching period, you should not only submit an application in Sisu, but also send an email message to your faculty’s Student Services. Use the following subject line: ‘Urgent substitution application’. The service for processing applications is congested at the beginning of the academic year, but urgent applications are processed as soon as possible.

Before submitting an application for substitution or inclusion in Sisu, please carefully read the instructions for the recognition of prior learning.

Which application should I choose?

Free edit mode

In the free edit mode, you can deviate from the basic structure of your degree. Use this mode when you wish to add to your plan studies that Sisu does not offer in the specific place where you wish to include them in your plan. Before submitting an application, check whether you can select completed studies and add them to your plan from the Substitutions tab of the course brochure.

Substitution application

Request the recognition of learning (credit transfer) by submitting a substitution application if you wish to substitute a compulsory or optional course with studies you have completed at another higher education institution in Finland or abroad.

Inclusion application

Request the recognition of learning (credit transfer) by submitting an inclusion application if you wish to have studies you have completed at another university incorporated as such into the optional or elective studies of your degree. Also submit an inclusion application if you wish to include studies in your study plan which have previously been incorporated into another study module or degree completed at the University of Helsinki.

Application for separate approval

Submit an application if the following phrase appears in a section of your study plan: ‘Approval required’. This means that the content of the module will be sent for review to Student Services and, if necessary, to the module coordinator for review before your graduation.

Application for custom course credits

Submit an application if you need to supplement incomplete course or module credits. First agree on the supplementation of the credits with the relevant teacher in accordance with these instructions.

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Bulletin 6.9.2021

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