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Currently writing your thesis? Check the services offered by the Library

This bulletin contains information on how you can improve your information seeking skills independently with e-courses or manuals, how to take part in instructor-led information seeking courses and workshops and where to find quiet writing spaces for finishing your thesis. More information about the services can be found by following the hyperlinks.

Update your information seeking skills independently

The Information Seeking and Management course is open for all and can be done whenever and wherever suits you. The material is designed especially for bachelor’s and master’s students and going through it will take 27 hours. The content of the course is interdisciplinary and comprehensive.

You can also study different topics from the manuals the Library has produced:

Ask advice for information seeking and management

Courses on information seeking
You can improve your academic information seeking and management skills in the courses organized by the Library. The courses offer basic help for finding sources for your thesis and training for reference management.

Guidance on information seeking
You can find an information seeking expert at the Library during the semesters. You can drop in quickly or stay longer to do your information seeking.
> Kaisa Library, computer lab 5057 (5th floor) on Mondays 15-17 (13.1.-8.6.2020, but not on 13.4.) 

Remote guidance for information seeking
Remote guidance via Zoom is meant for students at the University of Helsinki who are searching scientific publications or sources for their theses. Duration of one session: 15-20 minutes.
> Guidance will be offered until the end of the spring semester (last slot 29.5.2020.)

Guidance Corner
Guidance Corner at the Kaisa Library offers regular guidance sessions on topics such as information seeking, thesis submittal process and e-publications.

Write your thesis in the Library

Here are some suggestions for calm writing spaces at the Library. In addition to these, you can work anywhere in the Library’s reading and working spaces.

Thesis spaces at Aleksandria
The learning center in Aleksandria has three spaces for thesis writers. All the spaces can be found on the second floor (rooms 229, 230, 231). The doors are always open and the rooms do not have to be booked beforehand. Check the opening times from Aleksandria’s website.

Computer lab 4060 in Kaisa Library
The computer lab has 18 working PC working spaces. The space can be used during the opening hours of the Library, 8-20 on weekdays and 11-17 on weekends (Sundays 1.3.-3.5.) Check the opening hours from the Library’s website.

The quiet reading space in Kumpula Campus Library
The back of the campus library holds a quiet space that has 11 working spots (1st floor). The space can be used during the opening hours of the Library, on weekdays 8-18. Check the opening hours from the Library’s website.

The quiet reading room in Viikki
The reading room on the ground floor of the Info Center Korona has 32 working places. The reading room can be used on weekdays 8-19. Enter the facility through the entrance lobby of the building. More information via this link (scroll down).

Quiet working space in Minerva
Learning Center Minerva’s learning space has 15 reading places and 9 PC working spots. The space can be used Mon-Thurs 8-19:14 and Fri 8-17:45. Check the opening hours from Minerva’s website.

Book a thesis cart
You can easily store and transfer the materials you need for your thesis in a mobile storage unit. You can find them by searching for ‘gradukärry’ in the Helka database. The carts have a 28-day loan period. More information on the Library’s website.