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Bulletin 5.9.2019

New semester, new challenges? Now we have tons of those, as the course for Demola innovation challenges launches. Application period is still going on until Saturday (Sep 7), so go on and earn the most valuable 5 credit points by applying to Demola at:

What the heck is Demola?

At Demola, university students and professionals from leading companies work together in multidisciplinary groups to solve future challenges in eight weeks. It is possible to apply to these innovation challenges locally here in Helsinki or globally in all Demola locations. And as the icing of the cake, it’s all part of your degree program.

Why to apply?

  • Meaningful working life experience and valuable addition to your CV 
  • The most concrete way to show personal skills and know-how during studies  
  • Contacts with international companies – many students have been hired by the company after participating a Demola project 

Which companies are joining us?

Now we have published a bunch of exciting challenges, and partner companies are e.g. YIT, Elisa and Raute. The last day to apply is Sep 7 and course starts in Sep 18.

Toward New Frontiers in TV Services (Elisa)

How should the first steps of international B2B sales be made easier in the field of operator and TV-services?

Composite Wood in Construction (Raute)

What are the global development trends in construction? How does the education of wood construction specialists-to-be affect these trends?

Green Growth Hacking (YIT)

What are the new business models for creating sustainable living opportunities?

Home Subscription Service (YIT)

If the home you live in wasn’t bought or rented, what would it be and what services it would include?

+ Demola Special: Consumerism 2035

What is the look of our society when we are on a sustainable consumption level?

Change the direction of your studies and apply now at:

Questions? Ask:

Erik Nyroos

Demola Global
+358 40 554 1243

Demola is a global innovation challenge platform that brings together students and leading brands. With Demola, global and local organizations challenge university students to create better future. Today, our innovation challenges bring together over 50 universities, 750 000 students and the leading companies from around the world.

Bulletin 5.9.2019

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