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A group of students using tablet computers.

Digital Clinic is cancelled on 19.3.

The Finnish government has recommended that the facilities used by universities be closed down due to coronavirus until 13 April 2020.The Digital Clinic is thus cancelled on Thursday 19.3 and Monday 6.4.


The Digital Clinic is designed for all the students who want to become more confident in using the digital learning environments of the University of Helsinki. For example, you may ask for advice on issues related to the following environments:

  • My studies page
  • Instructions for students
  • Moodle
  • Examinarium
  • WebOodi
  • Data security related to the user name (on Mondays)
  • Information seeking (on Thursdays, on Mondays you can visit the Guidance workshop)

If you want to, you can bring your own laptop or tablet computer with you!

Photo: Eliel Kilkki