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Exchange application period extended to Fri, 14 February - Student exchange destinations for 2020 and 2021

Application period for student exchange destinations begins on Fri, 31 January 2020 and ends on Thu, 13 February 2020 (at 15.00 local Finnish time) 


Available exchange destinations:

  • Summer courses 2020
  • For study year 2020–2021, autumn semester 2020 or spring semester 2021: main call for applications to Europe and Nordic countries, and the supplementary application process for remaining exchange opportunities outside Europe
  • For calendar year 2021 (study year, spring semester or autumn semester): Australia, New Zealand, Latin America and some destinations in Africa
  • Students from all faculties are welcome to apply.
  • Applicants are required to have completed at least 30 ECTS credits of university studies prior to the application deadline.
  • Most of the exchange placements are open for undergraduate or graduate students. There are also a few placements for postgraduate students.
  • Language skills in the host country’s language are required for some of the universities, but there are possibilities to study in English as well. See the Instructions for proving your language skills for more information.
  • Erasmus+,  Nordplus and unit level exchange agreements (Faculty and Unit bilateral agreements) are based on exchange agreements signed on unit level.
  • University-wide agreements (University bilateral agreements), Nordlys student exchange and University of Edinburgh Erasmus+ agreement are based on university-level exchange agreements.
  • Erasmus+-, Nordplus and unit level exchange agreements (Faculty and Unit bilateral agreements): students of the study program/major students of each agreement take precedence in the selection. Placements can also be offered with discretion to students of other fields in the Erasmus exchange program, but the student is expected to study the field in the agreement. Host universities have prerequisites for students applying to exchange and for example Faculties of Law and Medicine do not accept applicants from other Faculties. Please note that Nordplus exchanges are open only for students studying the subject specified in the network as their major subject/or are in that degree program. 
  • Information about available exchange destinations will be updated and available by the 31st of January, for most destinations the information is available already 17th of January. NB! Destinations in the UK will be confirmed on the 31st of January after the Brexit ratification.
  • NOTE! The Mobility Online system is offline due to maintenance on Tuesday, February 11th between 10-12 AM.
  • The last day to supplement your application is the 24th of February.

You can apply to a maximum number of 6 universities for a semester or for an academic year. You can apply to places offered by different exchange programmes. You can apply to a maximum of 3 destinations per exchange programme (with the exception of Erasmus: You can apply to at most six universities through the Erasmus programme. You can select up to three target universities at a time on a single registration form. If necessary, complete several registration forms.)

In the call for summer courses, you can apply to a maximum of three destinations - this does not effect the amount of exchange destinations you can apply to for a longer period.

If you are not chosen to one of your choices of exchange destinations, you can still be offered the possibility to be selected for an exchange with an offer for available places left over, without having to send a separate application.

The application is done in the Mobility Online –system. Check the instructions of the application process and the required attachments here. The attachments must be uploaded to the Mobility Online –system by the deadline.

The decisions of placements will be sent to applicants via email by the end of March.

More information

Contact International exchange services.

How to choose your exchange destination- events

You can hear more about exchange opportunities at How to choose your exchange destination event
How to choose your exchange destination-event (in English)

Application clinics

Come and work on your Mobility Online application with the assistance of International Exchange Services specialists. You can ask about questions related to the application at the same time.

Application clinics (in English)