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Explore Gale resources: Webinar 2nd of April at 2-3 PM

Gale Webinar 2nd of April at 2-3 PM: 

"You are very welcome to join us for the Gale Primary Sources Workshop! Gale's numerous archives consist of monographs, photographs, and maps, as well as full runs of British and American newspapers, dating from the 17th century up until the present day, an amazing resource when studying languages, social sciences, history... You name it!

In the webinar, led by Helsinki University's own Gale Student Ambassador, you will receive a brief introduction into the archives, as well as tips on accessing and using them for your own research. There is also time for workshopping your own ideas, asking questions and working together to find out how Gale's sources could best support you in your work. 

Feel free to send questions, or potential topics you are interested in discussing already ahead of time, to be incorporated into the workshop, to"

The webinar is bilingual (English and Finnish). 

The Weboodi code is LIB-510. The registration closes 2nd of April at 1 PM.

How to register? Go to the course page