Finnish language courses (A1–B2)

Bulletin 17.7.2019

The Finnish language courses organised by the Bachelor’s Programme in the Languages and Literatures of Finland are intended for exchange, visiting and international degree students. We offer many different kind of courses from A1 to B2 level. Teaching is offered on three campuses: City centre, Viikki and Kumpula.

More information about the courses here.

 …or just google: Finnish for International students HY.  

 Further questions: emmi.pollari(at)

Introduction to Finnish Language and Culture (15–30 credits)

If you take several language courses, you can complete a study unit out of them.

The study unit Introduction to Finnish language and culture (a 15 credit or a 30 credit unit) consists of different language courses (Finnish 2 – Finnish 6). The 30 credit unit will be completed by studies focusing on Finnish history, culture or society, according to what has been settled by the responsible teacher Sari Päivärinne. Contact her, if you want to get more information: sari.paivarinne(at)

Advanced level courses

Students who already have a good level of Finnish (at least Common European Framework of Reference level B2.1) can improve their spoken and/or written Finnish by participating in the Finnish Language and Culture courses.

Bulletin 17.7.2019

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