Sisu - mukana opintojen alusta loppuun

How the deployment of Sisu will affect graduation in spring 2021

In May 2021, the University of Helsinki will replace WebOodi with the new Sisu student information system. The deployment of Sisu and the resulting service disruption in Sisu and WebOodi will affect graduation in late spring.

Graduation before the deployment of Sisu

If you intend to graduate with a bachelor’s or master’s degree before the deployment of the Sisu system, please submit a request for a degree certificate by 29 April. This will allow enough time to record your degree and print your degree certificate before the service disruption in WebOodi and Sisu (17–30 May).

Submitting a graduation request between 30 April and 30 May

If you have completed all required studies but are unable to submit a certificate request by 29 April, you can submit a graduation request using a temporary form. The Form will be published on the Graduation page. Your graduation date will be the date you submit this form, the next weekday, or the last date of completing studies if that date falls after the date of submitting the form. Your degree will be recorded retrospectively after the service disruption. Please note that in this case you must, in addition to submitting the form, also draw up a study plan and submit your graduation request through Sisu after 30 May.

If you graduate between 30 April and 30 May, you can facilitate the process of obtaining a degree certificate by taking the following into account:

  • Complete your study plan as far as possible before the service disruption.
  • If possible, have your study modules registered well in advance of the service disruption.
  • If necessary, submit applications concerning any missing studies under the free edit mode as soon as the service disruption is over. The processing of applications submitted by graduating students regarding studies that deviate from the predetermined degree structure will be given priority as of 31 May.
  • Submit a graduation request in Sisu once the courses have been recorded appropriately and the status of the various sections of your degree is indicated as approved.

If it is not necessary for your graduation date to fall in the period between 30 April and 30 May, it is best to wait until Sisu is operational.

Graduation as of 31 May 2021

As of 31 May, graduation requests are submitted in Sisu. Detailed instructions for graduating through Sisu will be published on the Instructions for Students website in May.

Further information: Graduation