How to plan and register for studies for the academic year in Sisu

Sisun tunnuskuva.
Bulletin 18.8.2021

Sisu changes how you explore available courses and register for them. These instructions will help you get started this autumn.

Explore the structure of your degree

First access your study plan in Sisu for information on the compulsory and optional studies missing from your degree. If you have not yet created a study plan, read the instructions for doing so here.

If you have not yet decided which optional studies you wish to complete, you can explore the modules offered by different degree programmes on the Instructions for Students website at Optional studies. You can see which courses are included in a module when you add the module to your plan in Sisu.

Explore the course selection

For compulsory studies, the easiest way to find teaching offered in the academic year 2021–2022 is to click on the course code in Sisu and then select the Completion methods tab.

You can also browse the courses and examinations available this academic year on the Courses website, particularly if you are searching for optional courses.

Read more on the Instructions for Students website: Where can I find courses?

Add studies to your plan and register

When you know which studies you wish to complete, follow these guidelines in Sisu:

  1. Add the course to your primary study plan if it is not there yet.
  2. In the course brochure, select the completion method and teaching. If no teaching is shown, see under the course title whether the course version is the right version for the current academic year.
  3. When the registration period is open, go to the Study calendar in Sisu to register. If necessary, select suitable teaching groups and complete the process by confirming your registration.

Please note that students admitted to courses are usually confirmed only after the registration period has ended. In other words, preliminary admission information displayed during the registration period does not guarantee admission. You can find course admission criteria in the course brochure.

Read more on the Instructions for Students website: How do I register for my courses and exams?

Open University studies

Registration for Open University studies does not take place in Sisu, but through the relevant course page. However, if you are a degree student, add the course to your plan and make the relevant selections regarding the completion method and teaching at the Open University. The easiest way to find the studies offered by the Open University is to visit the website Open University studies by degree programme. Please note that, as a rule, Open University studies completed during the academic year are subject to fees. Summer courses are free of charge for attending bachelor’s and master’s students of the University of Helsinki. Further information: Open University: Enrolment and fees

Sisu user support

Sisu tutors will be available for support on Zoom on weekdays from 16 August to 19 September 2021, 10.00–16.00. Further information on the support offered as well as all Sisu user instructions can be found at Sisu instructions for students.

See also frequently asked questions about Sisu.

Bulletin 18.8.2021

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