Important safety instructions for students

Bulletin 2.9.2020

As the academic year begins, it is crucial that all members of the University community follow the safety instructions set by the University to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. This way we can ensure a safe study and work environment for everyone. The University recommends that all of our students act responsibly also in their free-time activities, such as student events.

Each student is responsible for following these safety instructions in all University premises, also including student restaurants, hallways and entrance halls:

- Do not come to the University premises when ill or in quarantine. Keep a distance of 1-2 metres from others and take good care of your hand and coughing hygiene.

- Keep a safety distance also when queuing or moving around the campus e.g. between classrooms.

- The University recommends using protective masks if keeping a safety distance is not possible. Please put used disposable masks in the classroom bin or in the bins reserved for masks, located near the building entrances. See instructions on how to use protective masks.

- Wash or disinfect your hands regularly. Hand disinfectant is available in classrooms and building entrances.

- Use disinfectant towels to clean the keyboard and mouse of shared computers. You can get disinfectant towels from classrooms, library’s customer service or from the building’s porter.

- Facilities with fixed furniture have marked places that should not be used. If the furniture is movable, keep a safety distance from others. In some spaces, extra chairs have been moved to the side. Please do not rearrange the furniture so that distancing is not possible.

- Sit in the classroom so that each place can be reached without passing close to the others (e.g. if the furniture is fixed, fill the rows starting from one side, and if the rows are open from both sides, start from the middle).

- Always follow additional instructions given in the facilities.

Help to trace possible exposures

If you get a positive result from a coronavirus test, the health officials will call you, give a quarantine order and ask about your recent contacts and possible exposures. If you have participated in contact teaching at the University, notify the teachers of your courses immediately about your illness. Teachers will contact the exposed students without addressing the identity of the ill student.

In the case of a coronavirus exposure, the tracing of students will be done mainly based on the registration lists in WebOodi. Please remember to register especially for on-site courses on time, so that the course registration lists are up to date.

The University of Helsinki also recommends using the Koronavilkku contact tracing app, so that possible exposures to the virus are easier to trace and the virus can be prevented from spreading. In case you have been exposed to the virus, please follow the instructions on the app.

More information 

- You can find more information about the opening hours of the University facilities from the University’s coronavirus website

- If you have any questions about the general measures caused by the coronavirus at the University, please contact   

- You can find frequently asked questions the Instructions for Students’ article The effect of Coronavirus on your studies – Q&A.

Bulletin 2.9.2020

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