Sisu - mukana opintojen alusta loppuun

Sisu will replace WebOodi in May – how to get prepared

In May the University of Helsinki will introduce Sisu, a new student information system that will replace the current WebOodi system as of 31 May 2021. Due to the system switchover, Sisu and WebOodi are entirely or partly unavailable from 17 to 30 May. After the service disruption, registration for courses and electronic transactions, among other things, will be carried out in Sisu. For this purpose, you must draw up your study plan in Sisu by 16 May. 

  • Sisu will be entirely unavailable on 17–30 May. The service break begins at 8.00 on Monday the 17th.
  • WebOodi will be entirely unavailable on 17 May, after which it will be available for browsing only.  
  • From 17 to 30 May, completed studies and degrees are not registered, nor is registration for courses possible. 
  • With only browsing allowed in WebOodi, you can view your personal details, browse course catalogues and order an official transcript of studies from the system. Please note that after 17 May, information in WebOodi is no longer up to date. Ordering a transcript of studies and a study certificate from WebOodi can be done until 30 May. After that, transcripts will be ordered from Sisu.
  • WebOodi’s course catalogues will not be updated after 16 May. In the future, you can browse course catalogues for example on the Courses page using the search function. Please see more information on page Where can I find courses?
  • WebOodi course feedback can no longer be used.  

Graduation and the processing of applications 

If you wish to graduate before the deployment of Sisu, submit your degree diploma application at or before 29 April. This way your degree will still be registered via the Oodi system 

Between 30 April and 30 May, you can submit your degree diploma application via a temporary electronic form, the application then becomes pending. The form will be published on the graduation page of the Instructions for Students website. Your graduation date is the date on which you submit the form. Please note that in such cases you must also draw up a study plan in Sisu and submit a graduation request through Sisu in addition to submitting the temporary form. If it is not necessary for you to graduate in the period between 30 April and 30 May, you should wait until Sisu is operational. 
Since data cannot be entered into the register, there will be a delay to the processing of applications during the service disruption. The application forms for requesting the registration of completed study modules and the recognition of previously completed studies will be discontinued on 27 May. These applications are to be completed in Sisu as of 31 May. 

Registration for general examinations

The registration period for general examinations held between 24 May and 31 August exceptionally closes already on 14 May. These registrations are done in WebOodi. This deadline does not apply to the examinations of the Open University. As an exception to the examinations of the Degree Programmes in Medicine and Dentistry that will be held in August after teaching has begun, registration must be done 10 days before the examination at the latest.

Examinarium examinations 

There is a service break in Examinarium electronic exams from May 25 to May 27. Before this, it is possible to complete Examinarium exams if you have registered for the exams in WebOodi before May 17. More information is available on the Examinarium website (English translation coming soon). 

Annual registration

Annual registration for the academic year 2021-2022 begins later than usual due to the service break. Annual registration can be done during 1 June - 31 August 2021 and is still done in Oili. In the future you will separately register for each of your study rights as either attending or non-attending.

Impact on other systems and services 

The system switchover can cause disruptions or deficiencies also in other University systems connected to Oodi and Sisu, including 

  • The Studies service (incl. course pages, Instructions for Students, My Studies) 
  • Moodle 

Student Services may be congested during and after the Sisu deployment. Consequently, response times can be longer than usual. 

Further information on Sisu on Instructions for Students