New spaces for independent study have now been opened!

In the picture there are three students working independently by the table.
Bulletin 28.9.2021

New on-campus facilities for independent study

Facilities intended for students’ independent work have been added to all University of Helsinki campuses!

The new facilities for independent study are divided into spaces with two different purposes: 

Space for quiet work (H)

  • Quiet independent study and, for example, following lectures on your computer using headphones 
  • Quiet work space is indicated in the charts next to the facility in red. In campus lists Quiet work space is indicated with letter H.

Space for participatory studying (R)

  • Active and participatory studying. Attendance in, for example, online instruction where discussion is essential 
  • Group work 
  • Space for Participatory studying is indicated in the charts next to the facility in green. In campus lists Participatory work space in indicated with letter R.

Please note that the facilities designed for independent study opened in September 2021 also serve as teaching facilities, making them available for independent study when they are not booked for other activities. 

Facilities for independent work and more information can be found from the Instructions for Students.

Self-access facilities and space for independent study also at the libraries 

The libraries in the City Centre, Meilahti, Kumpula and Viikki as well as Learning Centres Aleksandria and Minerva are open, and the group work facilities can be booked for group work as usual. 

The self-access facilities and spaces for independent study at the libraries on all of the campuses can be used to attend online lectures, even though quiet work is the usual standard in libraries. The reading and working areas are primarily shared, orange zones, where talking quietly is allowed. In addition, there are red zones dedicated to quiet work in all of the libraries.

Read more about the opening hours of self-access facilities and spaces for independent study on the library website.

Bulletin 28.9.2021

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