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New version of the University’s website to be released soon

The University’s website is being redesigned in stages. The first element to be revamped is the main website, which is expected to be released as early as 24 February 2021 but no later than 3 March. New faculty websites will be released in late spring and the summer, while new degree programme sites are to be published towards the end of the year.  

As before, the soon-to-be-released public website of the University of Helsinki includes, in a slightly novel form, sections pertaining to admissionsresearchcooperation and the University itself. Also upcoming is new content targeted specifically at those interested in education and applying to the University.  

“Open University studies are an example of new content on the website, and they will have been moved to the main site. Later in March, a degree programme search feature will be released. Our goal is to make all of the educational offerings of the University as well as all information related to teaching available in one place,” says Project Manager Paula Durston.  

Users have expressed the wish for the pages pertaining to research to have an expanded perspective. On the new website, the aspects of research highlighted will range broadly from researchers to research units and from disciplines to research groups.  

The central improvements to usability are increasingly user-friendly navigation and a redesigned search feature, while the visual identity of the website aims for timeless freshness.  

Improved availability of instructions for applicants   

The new website has made it possible to offer instructions pertaining to, for example, the joint application procedure which begins on 17 March, the application procedure for the University’s international bachelor’s programme (Bachelor’s Programme in Science) and the Open University route in a clearer format. All instructions related to the application procedures active in the spring are accessible under ‘Apply to bachelor’s and master’s programmes’.  

While the ‘Applying and education’ section has been expanded, it has now been categorised more clearly from the user perspective. Under separate sections, the same channel introduces the doctoral programmes, the educational offerings of the Open University, professional specialisation education options and studies supplementing previously completed degrees. The website also offers content on student life and teaching, not forgetting advice and guidance. 

Development of the site will continue in the future, with a new search feature for browsing our wide selection of learning opportunities to be released already this spring. By improving instructions targeted at applicants, we aim to further increase the clarity of the complex application process.  

On the new website, students too can explore matters relevant to them, such as Open University courses and doctoral programmes, or look for, say, instructions on the transfer application procedure, or even supplement their degree by applying for the right to pursue teacher qualifications. When nearing graduation and afterwards, students may be interested in alumni pages and open positions, all of which are available on the new website.  

Disruptions possible in conjunction with the release 

The release date of the new website is 24 February. In the event of disruptions, the release will in practice be implemented between 24 February and 3 March. For some time after the release, disruptions may occur when using the site. We will announce any service interruptions in advance and in conjunction with the release.  

Please come and take a look at our new website after the release. We hope you will find interesting content on our University with less effort than before.    

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