Registration for studies to end soon – Check in Sisu whether you have been admitted

Sisu tunnuskuva
Bulletin 27.8.2021

In Sisu, the speed and order of registration for courses do not determine the final result. Instead, the final admissions are based on the prerequisites of the course, its admission criteria and teaching group size as well as students’ group priorities. In the case of certain courses, registration can be automatically confirmed immediately after registration.

During the registration period, Sisu displays the current admission result to registered students. After the criteria have been reviewed, you will receive a preliminary result for your registration. Please note that students admitted to courses are conclusively confirmed only after the registration period has ended. You will receive a notification immediately if you do not fulfil the requirements of a course and cannot be admitted to complete it. 

In the case of manually processed registration, there may be a delay in the confirmation of registrations after the registration period ends. If places remain available after the registration confirmation, late registration can be opened. In late registration, places are filled in the order of registration and directly confirmed. 

You can cancel your registration until the end of the registration period or the cancellation period. If teaching has begun and the cancellation period has ended, you must drop out of the course instead of cancelling your registration. 

Instructions for registering for courses and examinations


Bulletin 27.8.2021

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